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Zoë Burdo, Chair

We are Europe’s longest-running LGBT choir. We formed on 7 April 1983 for the Gay Pride march in London and we have been singing together ever since!

The landscape then was substantially different to today: the age of consent was unequal, AIDS had barely reached the political agenda, Britain had not yet had appointed an openly gay MP, and any form of legally-recognised partnership between same-sex couples seemed like a pipe dream.

Pinkies in rehearsal in 1987

Pinkies in rehearsal in 1987

The choir was established to be a counterpart to the choruses which had emerged in the USA and one of its first goals was to provide music at that year’s Lesbian & Gay Pride march.

When the first singers gathered around the piano at the Oval House and sang back the first notes of Scarborough Fair, they could have had little idea that the Pink Singers would still be performing three decades on.

The Pink Singers performing at the Hackney Empire in July 2014.

The Pink Singers performing at the Hackney Empire in July 2014.

We are still essentially a community choir, now made up of over 80 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people from a diverse range of backgrounds united by a passion for singing great choral music.

We are a mixed four-part choir and our choice of music is as eclectic as the choir itself – we sing everything from pop to classical to jazz, folk and show tunes. We also do choreography to a few of our numbers each season, so everyone gets to strut their stuff! We perform two main London concerts each year, numerous smaller concerts and we also sing with other choirs around the UK and the world.

We have two seasons a year starting in February and September each year. You can also hire the choir for smaller events such as weddings, civil partnerships and corporate dinners. Check out the hire us section for more details.

As a registered charity, we have the following aims:

  • To promote, improve, develop and maintain appreciation of and education of the public, in particular but not exclusively the LGBT community, in the art and science of music in all its aspects by any means the management committee sees fit, including through the presentation of public concerts and recitals to the highest possible standard.
  • To promote equality and diversity for the public benefit with particular reference to the LGBT community and in particular but not exclusively by:
    (i) advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity;
    (ii) promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds;
    (iii) cultivating a sentiment in favour of equality and diversity in particular through celebrating the diversity of the LGBT community.
Pink Singers in Iceland, 2013

Pink Singers in Iceland, 2013

I hope you enjoy exploring our website and I hope to see you at a concert or rehearsal soon! If you have any questions that you would like to ask, please get in touch!

Happy singing,


Chair, 2017-2018

London's LGBT Community Choir