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Photo of the Pink Singers in performance

Boy Oh Boy Photography

We’d like to thank a lot of people for helping us put together this exhibition. We’d also love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments below.

This online exhibition was brought to you by…

The Pink Singers @ 30 exhibition team: Jenny Cousins, Simon Pearson, Phil Engleheart, Jess Talmage, Hester Swift, Susan Rudy, Hsien Chew, Kate Nicholls, Greg Coe, Liang Wee, a lot of red wine and the letters L, G , B and T.

It would not have been possible without the generous support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We want to thank all of our volunteers for the various labours of love and those who assisted us, especially the LSE and The Guardian, 3Space, Sasha Roseneil, Jeffrey Weeks, Louise Chambers and Martin Gooch.

Our researchers and writers:

Amy Wilman, Anthony Bailey, Ben Roets, Bruce Chambers, Cass Tucker, Cat Tucker, Cilla Wright, Cormac Connolly, Emelda Conroy, Emma Herriman, Jenny Cousins, Jess Talmage, Kate Nicholls, Philip Rescorla, Susan Rudy

Our interviewers and interviewees:

Andy Mitchinson, Bill Majrowski, Charley Hasted, Charly Milton, Christine Birch, Cilla Wright, Emma-Jane Horton, Fran George, Hester Swift, Hsien Chew, Jane Sparks, Jenny Cousins, Jess Talmage, Jo Carter, Karin Read, Kate Nicholls, Kate Oliver, Liang Wee, Lynne Nicholls, Mark Bunyan, Michael Derrick, Murray Hipkin, Oskar Marchock, Paul Cutts, Phil Engleheart, Philip Rescorla, Rachel Sparks, Richard Snell, Robert Hugill, Sally-Anne Smith, Sally Pembery, Sam Mason, Sarah Coleman, Simon Harrison, Simon Pearson, Susan Rudy, Zoë Johannes and most of the choir (85%)

Our transcribers and editors:

Bill Majrowski, Cat Tucker, Esther MacInnes, Fiona Meeks, Hsien Chew, Iain Reeves, Jenny Cousins, Johanna Carter, Kaisey Daomilas, Kate Oliver, Liang Wee, Lucy May Maxwell, Mark Winter, Oran O’Reilly, Oskar Marchock, Rachel Green, Rachel Sparks, Richard Greer, Sam Mason, Sarah Coleman, Simon Harrison, Sue Kendrick

Our designers, publicity and launch teams:

Phil Engleheart, Greg Coe, Jenny Cousins, Simon Pearson, Hsien Chew, Ben Park, Kate Nicholls, Sally Pembery, Chris Birch, David Baxter, Josh Whelan, Susannah Colgate

Our installation crew:

David Baxter, Emelda Conroy, Fiona Meeks, Frances Bowen, Gerry McRanor, Jenny Cousins, Jerome De Henau, Jess Talmage, Jules Ward, Karin Read, Kate Nicholls, Kirsten Pulley, Lara De Belder, Lou Byrne, Mark Horrocks, Mark Winter, Mina Candy, Oskar Marchock, Phil Engleheart, Rachel Sparks, Sally-Anne Smith, Simon Wilkinson

185 thoughts on “Credits and comments”

  1. Brilliant we need this so much – stunning, crucial, excellent – need it for LGBT History Month! – Sue Sanders, LGBT History Month

  2. Very interesting – a lot I didn’t know and some of it very moving. Humorous tone lovely touch! – Laura Butcher, Heritage lottery fund

  3. Wonderful exhibition. I didn’t expect it to be so emotional. I’ve been in tears thinking about people being in love. – Hilary Guite

  4. One of the most moving – no! the most moving exhibitions I’ve seen in years. – David Green

  5. A truly touching account from real people about their lives in history. Congratulations! – Oskar Marchock

  6. A wonderful achievement, moving and very special tribute. Well done to all involved! x – Cormac, London

  7. Must travel – should be in every public space, every shopping mall! xx – Laura Wren, London

  8. Great exhibition – look forward to the next concert. – Emma Carver, All Cannings, Wilts

  9. Great job all. Background music = excellent! Lovely to revisit some great times through the photos and see some new ones. – Leonie Burton, Hampshire

  10. Very interesting overview of the past 30 years. Carry on the good work. – Nicholas, London

  11. This is an excellent insight into the choir’s and also general LGBT history. Thank you for all your work! – Sharan, London

  12. Really interesting mix of contentious past, present and brilliant individual stories. Personalises the choir – great work! – Richard Van Norden

  13. I love the Pink Singers – been to lots of concerts over the last decade! – Marc Batten, London

  14. Lovely soundtrack and very nicely presented. Interesting and entertaining. – Helen Lambourne, Vancouver, Canada

  15. An astonishing and moving social history told beautifully personally. – James Cronin, London

  16. An amazing journey beautifully displayed! Very moving. [heart] – Jules Ward, London

  17. This exhibition is fantastic and should go on tour straight away. Xxxx – Louise Tondeur and Sarah Barnsley, Hove!

  18. Very impressive! Really interesting and film was great. X – Carmel Conroy, London

  19. So interesting and inspiring and emotional – v impressive! – Naomi Berwin, London

  20. A very impressive display and informative and interesting video. – Corinne Littlestone, London

  21. Fascinating and inspiring stories and the soundtrack that’s getting me through my PhD! – Angharad & Richard Eyre, London

  22. Stunning! So much packed into a small space – and a fascinating video history as well! – Andrew Doggin, Schools Out

  23. Amazing. So personal and so well put together. Shows how no-one can afford to be ‘apolitical’. – Richard Eyre, London

  24. Great exhibition, particularly fascinated by the Section 28 stuff – well done to all involved. – Lorna Batty, London

  25. Moving, informative and inspirational – wonderful exhibition! – Hsien Chew, London

  26. A touching reminder of my own history as a gay man – inspiring. – Garry Wall, W. Hampstead

  27. I loved the history and to know and about the group. Superb! – Julian Puihuro, Brazil

  28. What a wonderful display. I’m a straight male, but as they say, ‘I’ve got your back.’ – Sam Carpenter, Essex

  29. Marvellous, fabulous, extraordinary – well done to all involved! Love you all! – Joey Tabone and Charles Layton, London

  30. Lovely memories, beautifully realised and Frances was a fabulous guide! Xxx However, those minutes do miss out the hounding, insults and bullying I received during the ‘discussion’. Not by everyone mind. – Daniel Brennan

  31. Great exhibition!! Will be telling people to come and pay a visit. – John Pullin, Earlshead

  32. As interesting and as informative as the LGBT museum in San Francisco. *Only half way through but will come back. Brilliant project. Superbly executed. Amazing story. Leaving with tears my eyes. – Stephen Refern, London

  33. Fabulous exhibition. Well balanced, cleverly laid out and meaningful stories told. Love it. – Johanna Carter, London

  34. This is about so much more than a choir – our heritage and history preserved and brought to life in glorious Technicolor (Pink!). Proud! – T. Eigerhoss, Berlin

  35. Wow! I feel proud to be part of the Pink Singers! Well done everyone involved. X – A Scholar, London

  36. Entertaining and informative – great stories and objects set on a broader history – great! – T Blair, London

  37. Fantastic! Well done J Inspiring, moving and musical trip down memory lane. – Nick Lane, London

  38. Fabulous, educational, poignant exhibition and I want to come back again. – Fran Scholar, Winchmore Hill

  39. Well done! Fantastic exhibition. Thanks for the hard work. Proud to be Pink! – Alwyn Tan, London

  40. To actually have a few hours to go through all of this is amazing. History not lost. – Sam Mason, London

  41. Amazing! Well done to everyone involved and all your hard work. – Oliver Gilbody, London

  42. So moving to hear all of the diverse histories and experiences. A beautifully presented exhibition. – John Flinders, London

  43. Truly moving exhibition and learnt a lot. Proud to be a Pinkie. X – David Baxter, London

  44. The Pinkies have been a crucial part of my life for 25 years. This exhibition is tremendous. Well done. – Philip Rescorla, London

  45. This is a very impressive collection/exhibit and very moving. – Jan Pimblett, London Met Archives

  46. Learnt so much from those who were there for me. Truly inspirational moving. – Josh Whelan, London

  47. An effective milestone for the Pink Singers and the community. – Martin Brophy MBE, London

  48. A wonderful exhibition – brought back a lot of memories – thank you. – Penny H, Reading

  49. This would be a valuable resource in educational institutes. An excellent display. – Gina Marshall

  50. Inspirational – how wonderful – new ideas and ways to mee like minded people – Sally Bennett, Reading

  51. As a straight man in the gay community (technician for G.A.Y. since ’91) this stirred memories. Stunning xxx – Dan Sanders, London

  52. Wonderful! Touching, thorough. Thank you. Also – Sally-Anne Smith who put Ethel Smyth on the collage – help me get her Mass in D performed! – Chloe C-F, from Diversity

  53. So proud to be a Pinkie – once a Pinkie, always a Pinkie xx – Kate Walker, Clapham South

  54. Thank you for telling our story. We have come far but still have a long way to go!! – Alison Dodd, Notting hill

  55. Always the best night’s out. A straight woman wishes she was part of this community. – Helen Farmer, N10

  56. Brilliant exhibition – congrats on 30 years here’s to the next 30! – Judith Baxter, Harrington

  57. You do not mention the quality of the music. People are proud to be in the choir because it makes great music not just because LGBT membership. You don’t thank your conductors enough who kept the choir alive because of the music quality. More recognition for them please!! Having said that the choir has always been so very brave. Wonderful for that too. – Esther Davis, London

  58. This exhibition inspired me to tell my parents of my homosexuality! – Ed Waters, Luton (but a safe part!)

  59. Find a permanent home for this amazing exhibition but add music – Nigel Thompson, Woking, Surrey

  60. Learned a lot. Come a long way in relatively short time. Great exhibition. Would have been nice to hear some Pink Singers in the background! – Debra Skeen, High Wycombe, Bucks

  61. Fabulous exhibition – many, many congratulations to all involved. – B McGing, London

  62. Very interesting and informative. I just wish I could sing. Love + quior though – Andy Hardeman-Bennett, Camden

  63. Inspiring, thought provoking, true, real and emotional. Above all really FABULOUS!! – Paul Jenkins, Stuart Watson, Eileen Langley, London & Brighton

  64. Pink Singers saved London for me – exhibition misses the role it plays for visitors to London but wonderful to hear Hand in Hand again! Thanks guys, It’s a lot to cram into a small space! – Anne Gedden, Gloria, Dublin

  65. Thank you for the poignant, funny, engaging way you tell the stories included here. I wish my wife was with me to share in this moment. – Rev Nicolette Lee Siragusa, Grand Ledge, Michigan, USA

  66. Wonderful to see this community in this lovely space. Terrific exhibition. Moving interviews. Thanks. – Frances Bowen, London

  67. This makes me feel so proud! In my heart I will always be a Pinkie. You guys are amazing! x – Richie Parrott, Harlow, Essex

  68. AMAZING! Should be installed permanently. Headphones a bit ropey. INSPIRING! x [heart] x Thanks – Hannah Rose Tristram, Kingston

  69. Enjoyable walk down memory lane – with a few horrors on the way. – Simon Richardson, Clapham

  70. So glad to relive for a few minutes fondest memories in the choir – keep singing – William Ramsey, Stoke Newington

  71. Fascinting! So grateful for the stand taken by Pink Singers. – Michael Wickham, King’s Cross

  72. Fabulous! I sing in Loud & Proud (Scotland’s LGBT choir) – see you in Dublin for Various Voices 2014. – Linde Jites (sic), Edinburgh

  73. Pink-tastic. Was a pleasure to see it again. I missed the main history vid though. – Dru, London

  74. It was great to see the exhibition again, would love to have an iPad with Pinkies tracks and photos on. – Lynne Nicholls, London

  75. Just as fascinating and fabulous to a man [something unreadable]. Looking forward to attending a concert! – Claire Dobbs and Matt Gray, London

  76. Nice exhibition from The Observer and The Guardian! Design appreciated – Gianella Cortez, Milan, Italy

  77. A really fantastic exhibition and a great way to pass on LGBT communal history! – Greg, London

  78. Fantastic! Thank you for learning lots of things! I really wanna join u! J – Hana Choikim, London

  79. The exhibit is well thought out and beautifully displayed. Thanks for sharing your creativity, thoughtfulness, professionalism and history. Well done! – Thomas, Melo’Men, NYCGMC, LGMC

  80. What a triumph getting this together! Well done, and thank you for sharing your lessons you’ve learnt in the process. It’s encouragement! We will be in touch! – Deirdre, Gay Abadon, Leeds

  81. Fantastic display. Well done. We enjoyed singing with you both in Bristol and London. xx – Suzanne, Sing Out Bristol

  82. Amazing exhibition – so important to keep a history of development and where we have from. Well done to you all. Xx – Philip Giorgi, founder of Positive Voices, a choir for people with HIV or affected by HIV

  83. Really impressive exhibition – fantastic visuals and very informative. Makes me realise I am part of history! – Improvement: the link between LGBT Rights and disability rights. Disabilism in LGBT world. Why are there no LGBT choirs with positive images of members with disabilities? – Overall just so interesting. Well done. Very inspiring. – –

  84. This display is an important historic experience akin to the LGBT’s history museum / exhibit in San Francisco. Thank you for the dedication and love put into this essential presentation of our history and stories – FABULOUS! – Kathleen McGuire, VVD Conductor-in-Residence

  85. Very informative, touching and simply beautifully done. Thank you for the facts and interviews. Xxxooo –

  86. Congratulations and thank you for this labor of love that is so valuable to all of us. Remembering the struggles as well as the pleasures is so very important. – Julia Balen, Prof @ CSUCI

  87. Absolutely awesome. We at the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC are in our first year of our GMCU Historical Society. Your exhibit is exceptionally outstanding and we would like to steal it all J Would love to collaborate with your History Project Leadership. Thank you 1000x – Jim Madigan

  88. LGBTI choirs are much more than the sum of their parts. The Pink Singers are a truly shining example of this. – Frank McMullan, Various Voices, Dublin 2014

  89. Wonderful exhibition. Beautifully structured. All elements invite us to linger and listen, read and reflect. Thank you. – Dianne, Edinburgh

  90. This has brought back so many memories. ‘Battles won are so easily forgotten.’ – JL Keneghan

  91. Thank you – a really great display. Even at the ‘young’ age of nearly 40 I now realise how far we have come in a relatively short space of time compared with the age oldness of the universe!! With [heart] xxxxxx –

  92. A wonderful exhibition, showing how far things have come (at least in Northern Europe). Great to see so many familiar faces in the exhibition and in the video clips. – Paul Selous, ex-Pinkie, now with Vox Rosa

  93. A brilliant exhibition – thanks – took me back to some great (and difficult times) – I remember going to Gateways in London shortly before it closed – really glad I made it there. Only thing missing might be (unless I missed it, in which case sorry) was the 40’s persecution of ‘gays’ in the Holocaust (that’s where the pink triangle originated I think – like the yellow star to Jews sadly)… Fantastic exhibition, thanks. xxx – Bev, Rainbow Chorus

  94. Well done – bravo & brava! Congratulations on your first 30 years and may there never be a last one! – Richard Clawson, Our song, Atlanta

  95. Huge congratulations on an amazing achievement. A wonderfully crafted exhibition, amusing, sad, thought provoking! So well ordered and accessible you should be so proud of this piece of work! – Eddie O’Sullivan, Sing Out Bristol

  96. Very interesting and moving exhibition. Thank you very much. – I Patius, The Netherlands, Cantus Obliquus

  97. Very thought provoking to an older lesbian (73) would like to see more stories about older gays who have lived more or less openly in the community and survived – easier to do in rural areas. – Julia, Australia

  98. Thank you so much for such a moving exhibition! It’s a very important part of this [Various Voices 2014] weekend – it brings me back from my pink cloud I’ve been on the past 4 days – making me remember why Various Voices and queer events like this are so important! – Anita, Reykjavik Queer Choir

  99. A brilliant exhibition that tells all of our Histories. Sexuality can often be invisible, so it is important to keep our stories and our past alive by passing it to our younger gay brothers and sisters – making them aware of how rich and precious our freedoms are – and how hard they were won. As we have seen in other countries, freedom is only sustained by careful – and visible – defending of our basic right just to be. – David, Sing Out Bristol

  100. A very big thank you to all who were involved in this project. I enjoyed being reminded of ‘our’ history and the importance of passing on our heritage to new generations. – Nigel, Sing Out Bristol

  101. Wow Pink Singers – This is a great exhibition and wonderful to weave your history side by side with the LGBT progressions and challenges. It’s a fantastic reminder of how far we’ve all come! Keep doing it with Pride! – Ewan Kenny?

  102. Wonderful exhibition, a fantastic addition to the Various Voices festival. I’m interested to know more about the lives of the ‘Gay Youth’ today and how social media helps and hinders them. – Edward, Out Aloud, Sheffield

  103. Great piece of work – moving and humorous. Thank you. – Rhiannon, Deep C Divas and Gay Abandon

  104. I think this exhibition was a great way of underpinning why we’re all here in this wonderful weekend: staying strong and singing strong. – Daniel, LGMC

  105. Frabier sgning – hloklenn til net setjn upp svona syningn a Islandi eftir 27 ar! – Audur og Asta Osk

  106. WOW! Keep this up. Our history must be passed on. Keep passing that baton and run the race! – Steve Milloy, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

  107. Go PINK SINGERS, keep [picture of a rock] –ing the stage! From the country of rocks, Swatch + Der Kreis – Hauspeter Schwubs, Bern, Switzerland

  108. Very nice exhibition Pink Singers! Very very good and exciting and inspiring performance yesterday! Keep going! We love you! – Chen from Bejing

  109. Great exhibition – informative and interesting. Loved the photos. It would be good to show the same to ‘all walks of life and loves’ in London or wherever you perform. Keep right on Pink Singers. x – Par, Rainbow Chorus, Brighton

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