Gift aid on membership subscriptions

The Pink Singers can claim Gift Aid on your membership subscriptions, if you have previously consented to us doing so. We periodically ask members to fill in a form to let us know if we can do this.

Claiming Gift Aid on membership means we get a tax relief from the UK government that we can put towards achieving our charitable objects.

We do so only on the portion of your membership subscriptions for which you do not receive a direct, personal benefit.

What counts as a personal benefit?
In accordance with guidance from Making Music, we deem the personal benefit you receive from being a choir member, to be the portion of your membership fee that goes towards Musical Direction only. This is because this counts as tuition.

What doesn’t count as a personal benefit?
Other expenses that your membership covers are not deemed to be of personal benefit. These include

  • Music costs
  • Rights costs
  • Rehearsal room hire, etc.

We may claim Gift Aid on these.

Example for the year 2015/16

In 2015/16, the choir paid £4,704 in Musical Direction fees, which equates to £55.34 per member (assuming 85 members) per annum.
This equates to approx 22% of the overall membership fee, or 46% for those on the lower membership rate.

If a member pays £21 per month in membership fees, i.e. £252 total per year, then 78%, or £196.66, is giftaid-able.

We use this 78% figure as the basis on which we make Gift Aid claims.