Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our Commitment

The Pink Singers, London’s LGBT+ community choir, are committed to equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion within our choir community and beyond. We aim for our performances, membership opportunities, community work, employment procedures and management and decision-making processes to be accessible to, and inclusive of everyone. We actively oppose discrimination, harassment and bullying in all its forms.

The policy applies to everyone involved with the choir (as described below), and everyone has an individual responsibility to uphold these standards. 

Through our equality, diversity and inclusion work, we aim to make our community a safe and welcoming space for all, to improve our efficacy in reaching our goals, the quality of our management, the range and quality of our group’s artistic output and our relationship with audiences, artists, staff and volunteers. 

We aim for a future where our community is free of discrimination, harassment and bullying and that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We have a separate policy relating to inappropriate behaviour, harassment and bullying, which deals with these issues and is available here: Members Handbook

This policy is intended to assist putting these aims and commitments into practice.

Who this policy applies to

  • Choir members, including Team Leads
  • Employees
  • Trustees
  • Paid performers e.g. band members / string quartet

Statement of intent

The Pink Singers recognise that certain individuals and groups are discriminated against in society at large and can therefore be excluded from participating in the full range of activities that we offer. We are wholly opposed to this and will take all necessary steps to eliminate discriminatory practices.

We intend to treat all individuals who engage with the Pink Singers fairly, inclusively and with respect. In particular we will pay attention to the protected characteristics described in the Equality Act 2010:  age, disability, gender reassignment (including gender identity and expression), race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership and pregnancy and maternity. In addition and in response to a survey of our members in 2020, we will pay particular attention to any discrimination against trans and bi people, women, those on low incomes, those with dependents, people with mental health problems and disabled people, amongst others.

A statement on these intentions will be displayed on the choir website and in adverts for voluntary and paid roles in the choir. We will also use it, where appropriate, on publicity materials related to recruitment to the choir and performances. 


The following statements represent the key standards we are aiming to achieve, to improve equality of opportunities within our organisation. 

  • The choir in all its elements (including prospective members) represents London’s diversity
  • The choir is a safe and accepting space, both internally (including at the choir’s social events) and externally (when we interact with people outside the choir)
  • We publicise opportunities to join the choir and audition in an inclusive way to encourage increased diversity and inclusion in the group
  • We rehearse at times and in spaces that are as accessible as possible
  • We perform in accessible and diverse places
  • We offer an open and welcoming environment in which members are able to receive support where they find parts of the organisation difficult to access.
  • It’s easy to use and interact with the choir’s digital platforms regardless of background
  • Our leadership and decision making incorporate a diverse range of views and experiences
  • We respectfully perform music from a wide variety of cultures and identities 
  • Choir audiences represent London’s diversity
  • We work with and reach diverse groups in the community
  • We will continue to listen to our members and community, while keeping abreast of issues, situations, developments, new language and updates that affect our members and the community at large 
  • We will continue learning about equality, diversity and inclusion, growing in our day-to-day running and have such standards at the heart of everything we do as a choir 

Social events organised by the choir will also be similarly open and welcoming, accessible and reflect the diversity of the group. These same standards will apply. Rehearsals, performances and online spaces are also included. 


This policy applies to everyone involved in the Pink Singers, and all these people have a responsibility to familiarise themselves and implement the policy by behaving in an anti-discriminatory, anti-harassment and anti-bullying way. When individuals join the choir, as a member, employee, trustee or paid performer, they will receive a copy of this policy and be asked to agree to commit to this, along with other choir policies and procedures. Existing members, employees and trustees will also be asked to commit to the policy. 

The Trustees and Team Leads have a particular responsibility for identifying and taking action on areas identified where equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion do not exist for all groups and identities, and to take decisive action where discrimination is taking place.

An important part of this responsibility is ensuring that all key decision-making groups represent multiple perspectives in order to improve the diversity of views and make better decisions on behalf of the whole choir. 

Trustees will regularly review progress against the action plan and will intervene where they see that our anti-discrimination and equal opportunities objectives are not being met. 

An Equal Opportunities lead (or co-leads) will be appointed to support the choir with meeting their obligations under this policy. They, together with the Equal Opportunities working group will not be responsible for holding everyone to account for their actions; each member of the choir will need to do that for themselves. They will work closely with all the choir members and particularly the teams to identify opportunities to improve our approach and so meet the objectives outlined in this policy. 

We encourage all members to discourage any form of inappropriate behaviour by supporting each other and challenge appropriately, when and if safe to do so. It is everyone’s responsibility to read the policy and clarify any questions they may have; any ignorance of policy is not an acceptable excuse for violation and inappropriate behaviour. Breaches of the equal opportunities policy may be reported to the trustees and may then be dealt with through the policy on inappropriate behaviour, harassment and bullying, which can be found in the Member Handbook. 

Monitoring and review process

The Pink Singers will review equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion in the choir through monitoring of progress made within an action plan framework and checking on the views of choir members through an annual equal opportunities survey. Feedback is also welcome throughout the year. We will also review any issues that arise in this area alongside any implications for changes to this policy or our processes. In addition, this policy will be reviewed every other year to ensure it is fit for purpose and in line with any relevant changes in legislation or best practice.