Launching our First Virtual choir

– and what an emotional one it is!

Last weekend we should have been performing live at the Cadogan Hall, so we thought this was a perfect time for us to launch our first virtual choir performance.

‘Fix You’, is a song that Chris Martin of Coldplay had written for his wife Gwyneth Paltrow after her father died. It is a song about coming to terms with loss and has always been emotional for the choir and audiences alike.

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The performance starts with a feeling of sadness and isolation which turns to despair (‘Tears stream down your face when you lose something you cannot replace’) before taking us on a journey of hope: ‘Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you’. The lyrics remind us that we need to help each other get through difficult times. This is especially true for some LGBT+ people who may find it difficult to meet like-minded friends in their community, but now face added isolation because of Covid-19.

The accompanying video tells the story of the Pink Singers and how our members are guided by six main themes: Pride; Community; Performance; Diversity; Solidarity; and History. And, by sharing our joy online, we will inspire others to “See the light”. 

When we played the finished recording in our final choir rehearsal of the season there was stunned silence as to how our individual tracks and home video recordings could have been turned into such an amazing and emotional story. We hope you enjoy it. And if you do, please share it! 

The Pink Singers

Timeline datestamp: 08 July 2020

Pink Singers & the Making Music Virtual Concert

Pink Singers joined other groups in Making Music virtual concert on 9th June


Like all choirs sadly at the moment we are unable to get together to sing and make music. Physical connection is so important for us as humans and is an intrinsic part of the Pink Singers community. We miss it like crazy, but in these dark times we are finding new ways to connect within and outside our community.

When we heard that Making Music were planning to run virtual concerts we jumped at the chance to take part. We created a watch party and many of our members spent a fun 45 minute concert watching ourselves line up alongside including choirs, a brass band, a steel band and a drumming group.

Making Music Virtual Concert Series | Concert 02

If you want to scroll straight through to our performance we’re on third at 7:40.

For our song choice we selected Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody. This slowed down version of the song has organically grown to become a Pink Singers standard and a song we go back to over and over again. And like many of the songs we have performed over the years it has a special meaning during these times.

It’s counter intuitive to think you would adapt Whitney’s 80’s dance hit to a sad, reflective song about love but look beneath the fizzy pop, primary colours and you’ll find something unexpected.  You’ll find poignancy and a longing for connection.  Chris Chambers’ arrangement with its clashing and beautiful harmonies is only complete when we have every voice part included, when we are all there singing together.  It seems to be as edifying to listen to as it is fun to sing. 

I Wanna Dance, slowed down like this is a reminder of the struggle of individual isolation and the promise that sharing this sadness together makes us a bit less alone.  

In the concert we are joined by other choirs and groups including a steel band and a brass band. It’s a fun way to spend 45 minutes and to feel part of the wider musical community finding ways to connect online.

Making Music will be running these events on a fortnightly basis. Subscribe to their YouTube channel if you are interested in watching other videos and live events.

Cilla Wright, Alto

Timeline datestamp: 09 June 2020

By Special Arrangement Part 2

Photo credit: Robert Workman

A couple of weeks ago ‘newbie’ Sarah Chapman performed in her first Pink Singers concert – By Special Arrangement Part 2. Sarah talks about what a great experience it was for her and how rewarding joining the Pink Singers has been. Over to Sarah…

Sarah Chapman
Sarah proudly wearing her Pinkie rose

On arriving at the venue, I was in awe of the size and location. For the other newbies and I, it was eye opening to see preparations behind the curtains of the concert. From the Artistic Director setting up the light displays and choir practice with the band to running through the dance numbers; it was busy but helped build my confidence.

No rehearsal or dry run could have prepared me for the concert. As we waited backstage to go on, my nerves slowly began to build up. Entering the stage and seeing the 900 people staring back, it was probably one of the scariest things I have done. However, despite this the show must go on (excuse the cheeky song reference!) The first act went quickly and towards the end my nerves had been replaced with adrenaline.

In the interval, I popped down to the bar to catch up with family and friends, who raved about the show so far. Buzzing with excitement, I returned to the dressing rooms for the second part. During the support act, ‘The Bleeding Obvious’, we began to prepare ourselves for the final section of the show. By this point, the atmosphere in the choir was electric!

Sarah with her fellow newbies. What a lovely bunch!

The first song was ‘Human’ by Rag‘n’Bone Man (arranged by Simon Pearson), which was a smashing hit to return to the stage with. The choreography by the dance team, matched the lyrics and beat of the music perfectly and set the second act off with a bang. The act went so fast and before I knew it, we had reached the finale. Even with my limited dance experience and some may say lack of rhythm, I was still able to complete the moves for our rendition of ‘Love on Top’ by Beyoncé (arranged by Michael Derrick).

It was challenging learning the 19 different pieces, but such an accomplishment when it all came together! My favourites were ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele (arranged by Nicki Wakefield), ‘What About Us’ by Pink (arranged by Ian Faulkner) and ‘All of Me’ by John Legend (arranged by Zoe Burdo). They sounded so great on the night! I also loved ‘Sleep’ by Eric Whitacre. The way in which the parts intertwine throughout the performance is mesmerising.

The concert was so much fun and I was very lucky to have a great turnout at my first concert with 12 of my friends and family attending from across the country. Although I was very nervous at the prospect of potentially falling over or messing up the dance moves, it did put me at ease that there would be someone around to laugh about it with afterwards.

Until recently, I only knew a handful of LGBT+ friends in London. Through the Pink Singers I have had the opportunity to meet so many people from different backgrounds, experiences, careers, gender identities… the list is endless. Everyone has been so welcoming and I cannot wait for the next season to begin!

Sarah Chapman, Soprano

Timeline datestamp: 11 January 2020

Sleighing It!

It’s been a week since we brought some Pinkie magic to the stage in our winter concert ‘Sleighing It!’. New Pink Singer Duong tells us about the concert and what the Pinkies means to him this Christmas.

We started to rehearse from September. Yes, you are right, wearing T-shirts while singing carols was not a common feeling. More than 80 pinkies have worked very hard to make ‘Sleighing It!’ happen. I was amazed at the dress rehearsal when we said thank you to more than 20 pinkies who worked behind the scenes: artistic, marketing, producing, music arranging etc. What a team!

The new Pinkies from this season popping their concert cherries!

The closer the concert got, the more I realised how fortunate I was to be in such a beautiful community. We sing and perform together, we also share lots of beautiful moments together. I remember how sparkly Charly’s eyes were when she told me about her beautiful love journey with Ali through the Pink Singers, the touching story of Michael’s memories of when he was a little boy, a warm hug from Nicki whenever I had a bad day.

The Sleighing It! concert was A-MA-ZING. Despite the bad weather outside, Cadogan Hall was filled full of festive joy and love. My life has changed so much lately, and thanks to the Pink Singers I have fallen in love with Christmas again. I now have friendships so I don’t have to walk alone here in the UK. I wish I could list all the names of all Pinkies here to show how much I love them! 

Pink Singers perform their Christmas show “Sleighing It” at Cadogan Hall, London, 15th December 2018

Next year, I will be moving to London from Sheffield. When the choir found out that I will be taking over Sam’s room in Hester’s house (the resident Pinkie landlady!), they said “you don’t expect the Pink Singers will take over your life, do you?” I smiled and replied “I’d be happy for it to”.

Pink Singers perform their Christmas show “Sleighing It” at Cadogan Hall, London, 15th December 2018

Lots of love to everyone and Merry Christmas to you all.


Timeline datestamp: 15 December 2018

Hogan Lovells

In September 2018, the Pinkies were approached by Hogan Lovells who are a global legal practice to perform at their Citizenship Review event called ‘The World We Want’.  Hogan Lovells have a strong commitment to LGBT+ rights and the wider community and their event demonstrated the incredible work they’ve been doing to break down barriers and highlighted the work of their charity partners in areas of social concern.

We joined a host of other performers in exploring the theme of identity and through actor portrayals of suffragettes/suffragists, mothers whose daughters were taken to Magdalene laundries and asylum seekers on the Texas/Mexico border. 

We closed the event on a high celebrating the change we can be in the world by singing This is Me.

Timeline datestamp: 26 September 2018