See the Pink Singers on TV!

The Pink Singers will feature in the show Anyone Can Sing, which is set to for four weeks on Sky Arts from 30 March. Anyone Can Sing follows six participants as they are put through their paces as they learn to sing, proving that all of us can hold a tune. The English National Opera’s world-class vocal coaches – Nicky Spence, Sarah Pring and Michael Harper – mentor the would-be singers throughout the process, giving masterclasses on everything from vocal technique to stage presence and setting them a series of musical challenges with the help of singing superstars such as Katherine Jenkins to take their singing to the next level – all in the space of three months.

The Pink Singers feature in episode 3 on 13th April, but you will see our Musical Director Murray Hipkin each week as he works with all the participants!

Anyone Can Sing runs from 30th March to 20th April. You can watch it on Sky Arts, now free for everyone to watch on Freeview Channel 11.

School’s Out! Kids Treated to Pinkie Magic

A small group from the choir performed some of the songs we will be showcasing in our upcoming concert at Cadogan Hall on 24th April. Newbie Tom tells us how this came about and why these types of events are so important.

On Friday 18th March, I invited a group of my dear Pink Singers to attend North Bridge House Senior School, Hampstead, for an assembly on coming out. We performed three songs as part of an assembly, with Philip and myself (a teacher of physics at the school) speaking about LGBT+ history and our personal experiences as gay men. The assembly was enthusiastically received by students and staff, and I have continued to receive rapturous praise from students and staff ever since.

It is important to me that when discussing LGBT+ life in school, we don’t only moan about the phobias and isms, but take time to celebrate our identity and show the students how joyful and passionate our community is.

That is exactly what we did on Friday: the mini-choir looked and sounded awesome as we sang in front of two huge colourful posters made by the students which declared “I am free”. We certainly felt free singing Chosen Family to 450 young people, and I hope that they will remember our happy little performance when they ask themselves what the other side of coming out will look like.

Tom, Alto

Our concert on Sunday 24th April at Cadogan Hall will be our first large scale concert since our sell-out show in January 2020. We’re so excited to be back and hope you can join us! Tickets from £10.

Find out more and book now.

Gone Viral – the Evils of Algorithms

Our music manager, Charlotte, discusses the irony of how an algorithm led her to a song about the evils of algorithms for our upcoming concert “Gone Viral” on Sunday 24th April at Cadogan Hall.

As the Pink Singers Music Manager part of my role involves repertoire selection. At the beginning of each season members of the music team are locked into a small room with only Spotify, YouTube, a spreadsheet and a packet of biscuits. Eventually, and after many hours, a smoke signal can be seen from the chimney and the choir know a new set list has been chosen.

More information about our upcoming concert…

Within the team my particular specialism is classical choral music and I am always tasked by our Music Director to find a piece of classical music that bests represents our diverse community. Every season I scratch my head for weeks sifting through centuries of undoubtedly powerful music (most of which written with the best of intentions) none of which quite fit the brief because they are either religious, politically problematic, pejorative, lacks equal representation throughout the voice parts – the list goes on….

This season I was absolutely stuck for ideas. Eventually in desperation I stopped for a while and switched on Spotify searching on choral music and letting the algorithms run down a rabbit hole. I love Spotify because it gives me access to more music than I could possibly listen to in a lifetime, so I think of it as very benign. However it has gathered a lot of personal information about me over the years. It knows my music tastes and my community preferences. It also knows my location, age, family members and friends. It can hazard a very good guess at my socio-economic profile through my podcast choices and it even knows my mood and whether I am happy or sad.

After about 20 minutes of me listening or skipping through Spotify presented me with the Hymn of Axciom with the opening lyric ‘Somebody hears you’ and guess what – Spotify had indeed been hearing me and gathering data on me in order to present me with music specifically selected to meet my mood and satisfy my needs. I was immediately hooked on the piece and needed to know more about the story behind the lyrics.

Charlotte, Soprano

Gone Viral – Live at Cadogan Hall Sun 24th April

Join us for “The Pink Singers: Gone Viral”: 7.00pm Sunday 24th April 2022 at The Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace, London SW1X 9DQ. We’ll be giving away 1 in 10 tickets to LGBT+ charities including Opening Doors London. If you can’t attend but would still like to support us, you can buy tickets and we’ll donate them to someone who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to attend. See below for further details.

With “Gone Viral”, we will take you on a fun and emotional audio and visual journey. You’ll witness our transition to virtual choir, back to performing live again, whilst at the same time strengthening our community as a choir and beyond. Audience members will be immersed in the performance as we’ve never done before!

Repertoire will include the usual mix of popular music from the 1970s to present day as well as twists on classical favourites. Expect a capella, accompanied and our trademark choreographic showstoppers from our talented in-house team.

This will be the first time that a full choir will be back on stage since we performed our sell out concert and live album By Special Arrangement Part 2 in January 2020. We’ve waited a long time for this, and we can’t wait to unleash our irrepressible energy on you!

It’s our mission to increase access to music for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. For every 10 tickets we sell we are giving one away to charities including Opening Doors London. Come to our concert and not only will you have a great night out, but you’ll also help us reach more people who can’t usually come and hear us.


Tickets range from £10 to £45 for VIP tickets (includes a glass of fizz & programme).

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Can’t come to the concert but you’d still like to support us?

We know that for one reason or another not all our fans will be able to attend the concert, but that some of you might still want to show your support for the choir. At the same time for this concert we’d love to expand our reach to new audience members who have not been able to experience the Pink Singers in concert before. If you can’t make the concert but would like to show your continued support to the choir why not buy a ticket and we’ll donate it to someone who would not ordinarily be able to attend?

If you would like to do this, we’d be extremely grateful! To ensure your tickets are passed on, please do the following. Thank you!

  • Buy one or more tickets from the box office in the usual way
  • Send an email to titled “Gift tickets” telling us the name you booked the ticket(s) under and how many you are gifting.
Follow the concert build-up!

We’ll be publishing more information during the build-up to the concert. Check out insider stories and the background to some of the repertoire choices.

See us live in Hammersmith!

Join us for our concert “Sing! A Jamboree for all the family”:

3pm Sunday 24th October at 245 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 8PW

We enjoyed our first formal concert in 18 months so much that we’ve decided to do it all over again! Following hot on the heels of our successful and emotional performances in South and East London in September, we’re spreading the Pinkies magic out West.

We’ll be performing old favourites as well as beautiful new arrangements of songs that resonate with the LGBT+ community and living authentically.

Repertoire in this performance will include Together in Electric Dreams, Run, Strong, Brave, Proud and Chosen Family.

Tickets: Adults £10 (+ £1.37 booking fee);  Under 26s FREE!*

Tickets are available in advance via Eventbrite. Tickets will also be available on the day (again via Eventbrite), but we would encourage you to buy in advance to help with the smooth running of the event.

*For free tickets for under 26s email to get added to the guest list.  

After so long apart we are really excited to get to perform again and would like to thank Max Productions for inviting us to take part in their October programme of events.

“MAX Productions are delighted to work in partnership with Legal & General and Mitsubishi Estate London to present its ‘First Edition’ of events in the unique space of 245 Hammersmith Road. As the UK comes out of the pandemic, it is vital that great music making plays its part in the recovery of the community, and the nation as a whole. I am thrilled to present some of the finest UK based performers across our MAX events, and look forward to enjoying with our audiences. There is something for everyone, and everyone is invited.”

Andrew Watts, Artistic Director of MAX – Musician and Artist Exchange Productions Limited