Our Trustee Board

The Pink Singers is a registered charity and is run by a board of trustees who are responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the choir. 

The trustees provide independent oversight to the Leadership Team, which is composed of singing members responsible for the operational running of the choir’s rehearsals, performances and community activities.

We are currently advertising for a new Finance Trustee to help guide our accounting processes and lead on financial decision making. Please see the job description here. If you have any questions about joining our wonderful community, or would like to discuss our work then please don’t hesitate to contact Tom by email at trustee.secretary@pinksingers.co.uk.

Current trustees

Joey Tabone (Chair)

Joey Tabone has been a member of The Pink Singers since 2007. He moved to the UK from his native Australia to join The Prince’s Charitable Network as Sustainability Advisor. On arrival to the UK, without knowing a soul, he discovered the Pinkie magic and was welcomed into the family with open arms. Formerly of the Bass section and having held a Bass Section Lead role for a number of years, Joey brings to the Trustee role decades-long experience in charity governance and strategy development. In his work life, he is a Sustainability consultant following nearly 2 decades with The Prince’s Network. He is Trustee of several other charities including The Prince’s Environmental Law Foundation and Solving Kids’ Cancer UK. He is a social justice advocate and environmental campaigner at heart. He was one of the first Trustees to be appointed to the Charity and is delighted to have been part of the 30th and now 40th Pinkie anniversary celebrations.

Stanila Teneva (Finance Trustee)

Rebecca Smithson – (Choir Representative)

Andrew Francalanza (EDI Lead)

Andrew (he/him) is a former Pink Singer and committee member, having served as assistant webmaster and international concert director. After qualifying as a social worker, Andrew has built a career in management and led a variety of services, projects and teams in the social field, not-for-profit, voluntary and charity sectors. He now focuses on supporting organisations, teams and services in becoming more equitable, diverse and inclusive. 

Andrew believes that Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are not a tick-box exercise, but a way of life. He is passionate about supporting others in bringing their true selves to the fore, creating better opportunities for all, and making a difference. Considering his experience and skills, his love of performance arts, together with his commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community and people, it is an honour and a natural progression for him to have joined the Trustee Board in 2021 to further enhance the Pinkies’ magic.

Christopher Chimonas (Charity Commission Liaison)

Christopher has sung with the choir since 2010. Raised in a Greek family, he went on to study in Japan and teach at universities in France. He later returned to London and gained business experience in startups. Christopher has also worked for many years as a Speech and Language Therapist in schools, where he has led various LGBT+ initiatives to improve visibility and inclusion. This has made him particularly interested in the intersection of queerness with neurodiversity, disability, race and socioeconomic disadvantage. Christopher’s passions are learning languages, music, and good food.

Tom Phillips (Secretary)

Tom joined the board in March 2023 and sings countertenor, one of a rare breed in the choir at present. After teaching at home and abroad, Tom moved to London to begin legal training. He is due to complete the bar course soon and aspires to qualify as a barrister in the near future. Tom volunteers for the cleaners union CAIWU by supporting its members in disciplinary and grievance hearings, providing representation and conducting legal research. He can be spotted across the metropolis zooming down hills on his bicycle or in his garden making war on overgrown rose bushes.