A trio of Pinkies on the radio

If you are a fan of JNET radio like we are and were listening to the ever effusive Joel Kafetz on his Sunday evening show tonight, then you would have caught three of the Pinkies — Naomi, Johnathon and Emma — live on air. We were promoting our upcoming show, but the topics were wide ranging indeed. We spoke about what you can look forward to at the concert on 8 January 2011, Oprah Winfrey’s tissues, bubble baths and our recent gig in Manchester with the MLGC. And you’ll never guess which of the three won the gay news quiz!

Photo credit: Oskar Marchock

Naturally Joel played some of our music too, and you’ll catch a snippet of our performance of With A Lily In Your Hand by Eric Whitacre in the clip after the break. To hear the whole show, be sure to subscribe to the Joel Kafetz show podcast. Continue reading “A trio of Pinkies on the radio”