New Pinkie’s view – Judy B


Well, what can I say? What a great way to start the year! This was my first concert with the choir so it was a really big deal to me, and I’m pleased to say it was a fabulous experience.
Everyone’s hard work really paid off. We’d had enough rehearsals to make sure everything was down to a fine art, but not too many to make it all seem over-rehearsed.
The repertoire was fab. I heard so many ‘wows’ from the audience afterwards, and the biggest critics of all (my parents) absolutely loved it! I think they’ve ‘outed’ me to all my relatives by going on about it to them!
Seems like the audience want to see Tragedy as an encore next time – I guess all the torturous hours of movement rehearsals (only joking, Debbie) were worth it. It was also great to share the concert with the Rainbow Singers and the LGMC, both of which were brilliant.
The brunch was a lovely way to end the weekend. I had a great time (granted I couldn’t stay too long) and I got the chance to learn a few names I hadn’t known! (Oh yeah, and the food was yummy too!). Everything had been so well organised, so a big thank you to Lynne, Mladen, Michael… in fact, to everyone involved in making this such a fantastic weekend.

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