Pinkie spotlight – Ritchie


My name is Ritchie Parrott.
My section is bass/middle – I’m bi-sectional don’t you know!.
I joined the Pink Singers in September 1995 and have never looked back.

I joined the Pink Singers because
I wanted to meet other gay men in a less sexual environment than a bar or nightclub. Since joining I’ve met some wonderful men and women, not just in the Pinkies but in many choirs from around the world. Still, I think our choir has some of the funniest and loveliest lezzers you’re likely to meet!
My favourite thing about being a Pinkie is being able to sing my little heart out without someone telling me to be quiet.
When I’m not rehearsing you can find me hanging around Soho. Not just for the obvious boozy attractions but also because I’m lucky enough to attend film preview screenings as part of my job and they’re mostly there.
The song that I would most like us to perform is Edelweiss. We’ve sung it before and I love it. Schmaltzy, with over-the-top soaring harmonies and the audience always recognise it fondly and take it to their hearts.
The song in our repertoire which should be laid to rest is Satin Doll a.k.a. Satan’s Doll. I’d hoped this song had died a long time ago but somehow it’s come back to haunt me.

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