Pinkie spotlight – Liang


My name is Liang.

My section is tenor (‘tops’ as we like to call ourselves).
I joined the Pink Singers in 2005.
I joined the Pink Singers because I watched them perform in January 2005 and was impressed that such a small choir could produce such a lovely sound. By May I had become a member. (Of course this has nothing to do with feeding my karaoke habit)
My favourite thing about being a Pinkie is singing in a concert especially when travelling to visit another city.
When I’m not rehearsing you can find me messing with my computer, in the gym, playing tennis when I can or socialising with friends.
The song that I would most like us to perform is… I know many people will cringe but I would like to do one of the big ballads by Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey. Perhaps Michael can do one of his sweeping arrangements for I Will Always Love You or Hero.
The song in our repertoire which should be laid to rest is Sheer Madness. It’s a great medley but we have done it too many times.

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