Did the lights go out all over Broadway? No, but the power failed at Catch 22 in Haringey.


Thanks to Hsien for already doing a write up of Catch 22 in his Pink Bits.
Thanks to Naomi and Gareth, and the other ‘Pinkies’ who turned out to cheer us on
Praise for Chris in the (Bass Section) who learnt the words, music and movement to our Motown Medley within a week.
By Google, RAC route planner, other methods and under our own steam we all arrived on time to Catch 22 Turnpike Lane, for our Positive Rainbow gig. Our Host the sometimes unprintable but always Divine Sandra would appear now and then from behind the curtain and slowly before our eyes metamorphose from a slender man into a Amazonian drag queen. Getting down to warm-up and rehearsal, David my partner (and Michael’s official page turner), did comment that our space was slightly better and much better lit, than The Gay Games, and that he had come prepared with his trusty Torch. The aforementioned Trusty Torch comes into its own later on in this short saga.
At the point when we left to warm-up, we did outnumber the customers, which may have prompted the organisers to inform Ben, (there and then) that our scheduled time on stage was being postponed in order to let our potential audience build up. Fair play to Ben who did apologise to us. Time to kill so The Torch Songs by literally torchlight (Ref The Gay Games Gig) came to light and tales of, in our past treading of the boards etc, the places and people we have had to get changed in and beside were abound. However, change of plan, yet again our big entrance was delayed and we were asked to mingle among the customers until the organiser got their act together (The Pinkies) having ours, ready and waiting. The P.A. and the one minute silence done, our host Sandra was introduced and glided out from backstage on Tower Block high heeled black stilettos and immediately ripped into the audience, that is, most of them look as if they are just in here out of the cold, and one young lady looked as if she had just come out of Holloway, whereupon Sandra clarified that she looked as if she had just escaped from Holloway. A young straight couple from Hungary were laid into, Sandra saying that no doubt they have found the dole office already but by their dress sense they had certainly found Primark. Sandra then announcing to us all that by her dress she was really Michelle Obama ( I thought more like Bananarama).
Then our introduction over we are on stage and ready to go. Philip does his usual brilliant brief history routine and as Hsien has already said in his Pink Bits the audience were attentive and appreciative, some even knowing the existence of Love Song For A Vampire and where it came from. Well into our stride and well into Motown Medley, when the power fails on Michael’s keyboard and momentarily we are acapella. If you watch the video on Hsien’s Pink Bits, you will no doubt agree praise indeed go to The Girls in the front as they instinctively get the tempo back by clapping along to the lyrics and the rest of us follow. Frantic searching ensues and The Trusty Torch once again makes an appearance and saves the day, shining light (literally) on the problem and Michael is back with us. We finish with our usual gusto and the audience are really enthusiastic and genuine in their applause. Sandra does make a comment about the power failure but it is not for delicate ears. Sandra herself praises us as well, saying we were fabulous last year, fabulous this time and she will make sure we are booked for next year.
Power cuts and minor delays aside I am sure we went down well even after the lights came back up.
by Gerry

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