It gets better: our stories

Unless you’ve spent your waking hours under a rock the last few weeks, you will have noticed several videos on YouTube bearing the tag “It Gets Better”. The It Gets Better project is the brainchild of Dan Savage, who noticed that in the last month several bullied gay teenagers have taken their own lives. These children are often isolated and have no-one to turn to: their teachers may be uninterested, their parents may be unhearing and their friends may be uncaring. That’s why he started this project: to encourage ordinary people to let these young men and women know that no matter how dark it may seem, things will work out right, and happiness is just round the corner. It gets better.
Yesterday some of the Pink Singers got together to record a little video as our choir’s contribution to this project, and you can see it here.
We are the Pink Singers, and we’re here to say, “It gets better!”

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