Working hard but having fun!

No-one ever said that being a Pink Singer was easy, and this season has been tougher than most, with one change after another. We’re making sure we put on the greatest show we’ve ever done, which can be rather difficult when you have to sing in several languages – including French and Swedish – and dance like Tina Turner! Despite this, we’re pulling through and having a great time doing it; have a look at the photos taken at last Sunday’s rehearsal for the proof.
This weekend we’re travelling up north to meet the Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus and sing at their concert ‘We Go Together‘. We love them, and know you will too when you come to our own New Year concert ‘A Burst of Song‘ right here in London on 8 January 2011.
If you are looking to get an early bird discount on the most popular seats, remember the deadline is this Sunday, 21 November 2010. So dial 020 7730 4500 for your tickets and see what we’re all smiling about!

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