GFest – Newbie Sam enjoys a celebration of all things culturally camp


Wow, what a week! The build-up may have been slow, but then it all seemed to go into overdrive, before splashing out in a brilliant Saturday climax: GFest – a really fabulous festival taking in all that is great about LGBT and queer art and culture.
Seeing as this was the first time that I had been on the stage in over a decade, I was relishing the excitement leading up to the big night. The week of rehearsals running up to GFest was the first time that I felt fully confident that things were finally falling into place, and by Friday the whole choir seemed to be on a proper buzz about the upcoming performance. Damn, we even got our moves right once or twice! Continue reading “GFest – Newbie Sam enjoys a celebration of all things culturally camp”

The Pinkies are getting ready for GFest

GFest logoWe are getting ready for GFest, join us and enjoy our live performance of some pieces from our previous season as anything goes, as well as brand new pieces from our current Winter Season.
GFest is, as the tag line has it, “London’s premier LGBT cross-arts festival”. It is an annual festival designed to provide a platform for LGBT artists, groups, organisations and venues to promote LGBT arts, and features exhibitions, theatre, dance, music, short films, debates, workshops and parties. Continue reading “The Pinkies are getting ready for GFest”

No To Hate Crime Vigil 2011


Being part of the LGBT community is not only about sharing the joys and celebrating diversity. It is also about being there for those who need our support. We, the Pink Singers think that love can overcome hate, and that together we can eradicate hate crime from our communities. That’s why we have been participating in the Anti-Hate Crime Vigil since it was first organized by the No to Hate Campaign in 2009. We joined our voices together with the London Gay Men’s Chorus (LGMC), Diversity Choir and the London Gay Symphonic Winds (LGSW) to give a message of support and hope to all our brothers and sisters that have been victims of hate crime. Continue reading “No To Hate Crime Vigil 2011”

A little bit of history

We are really looking forward to Various Voices Dublin 2014 and it seems like the VV festivals have been going on forever. But what came before? The Pink Singers know because we’ve been taking part since 1987 with the 3rd European Lesbian & Gay Festival of Song in Stockholm; there were only 4 participating choirs back then! Continue reading “A little bit of history”