No To Hate Crime Vigil 2011


Being part of the LGBT community is not only about sharing the joys and celebrating diversity. It is also about being there for those who need our support. We, the Pink Singers think that love can overcome hate, and that together we can eradicate hate crime from our communities. That’s why we have been participating in the Anti-Hate Crime Vigil since it was first organized by the No to Hate Campaign in 2009. We joined our voices together with the London Gay Men’s Chorus (LGMC), Diversity Choir and the London Gay Symphonic Winds (LGSW) to give a message of support and hope to all our brothers and sisters that have been victims of hate crime.

The Pink Singers at Pride London 2011

The speeches were powerful and gave us all hope, knowing that there are organizations and individuals actively working to fight hate crime, either via the education of our youngsters, working with the police, or campaigning to raise awareness of the problem. The Vigil is not just an event to give moral support to the victims, but a way to make a stand, raise awareness and to encourage the community and government to work for solutions. That’s why we were delighted to be there once more, participating in what we do best, singing for our community.

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