Newbie Fiona on becoming a Pinkie

A bit of impromptu singing at the Newbies Party. Photo by Pete Stean.

I’ve always loved singing and the sound of harmonies in unison, but had never considered joining a choir until I downloaded some tracks from the Pink Singers website, I was lucky enough to have caught the audition date in October and popped along to the space where the Pinkies rehearse, dragging my nerves with me.
As soon as I arrived the choir welcomed me and made me feel at home. The first part of the day involved listening to the readings of the songs. They were so good, and I was so terrible I wanted to run a mile, but the alto section looked after me and I soon relaxed, singing along when I felt confident that I’d picked up the tune. What fun!
The audition was nerve-wracking but well organised and again, everybody did their best to make me feel at ease. When I heard that I’d got in I couldn’t believe it! I was literally jumping for joy and acting like an X-Factor winner – it meant so much to me.
The following week was just as friendly and fun – except this time there was a party for us newbies (yay!) it must have been a good night because I can’t quite remember getting home…

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