Lights, camera, action: PS@30 filming workshop with Martin Gooch


So this season with the Pink Singers is shaping up to be quite unlike any other season previously seen before, as we work to mark the glorious 30th anniversary of the choir. To celebrate such an occasion, we are planning workshops, interviews, a timeline presentation, a new choral commission, and liaisons with other choirs across the country in conjunction with this year’s Pride celebrations. What an utterly delectable snack-box of jollies to come!
Jess and KarinOne of the first workshop days to prepare us for our future interviews was with the fantastic Mr. Martin Gooch. He spent an entire day teaching us how to use filming equipment and how to work with lighting and sound in collaboration with slick interviewee skills to create a great selection of material to be used for our anniversary documentation. Starting with an overview of the technicalities involved, Martin moved gradually through the key elements of a good interview, and by the afternoon under his encouragement and support we were working in teams to try out the equipment and running through some mock interviews. Choir photography maestro Oskar Marchock shared that he gained a lot of benefit in particular from listening to Martin’s expertise advice on determining what light sources to use and hearing his tips on taking footage to use for cut-aways in between shots. The following day with the workshop fresh in our minds, it fell upon Soprano Big Daddy and hip-shaker extraordinaire, Charley Milton, and Alto Leader-of-the-Pack Paul Hollywood lookalike, Jo Carter, to take part in filming the first set of interviews with the wonderful Simon and Hsien.
‘The interview went marvelously well,’ said Miss Milton. ‘Two hours of work but the time flew by as Simon and Hsien reminisced their time together and in the Pink Singers. Jo was a true pro behind the camera and the day went smoothly.’
Thanks so much to Martin for giving up his time to us for what was truly an educational and enjoyable day! It’s not often that you get to work with a professional in such close quarters, and the choir will always be grateful, particularly when we are able to look back on our finished interviews with pride. We’ve already recorded eight interviews with choir members present and past, talking about their fascinating histories both in the choir and out.
Here’s to the next interviews to come!

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