Turning 31 in style!


A couple of weeks back, the Pink Singers celebrated their 31st birthday with an evening of fashion faux pas and song. In this post, newbie tenor Albert shares the experience of his first party as a pinkie…
Yes, I am 30. So what? What a coincidence the Pink Singers was born as a choir just about 3 months before I was. And 3 decades later, our paths crossed. I had a rough idea about how the pinkies like to celebrate special occasions. I had seen pictures of people in costumes. But nothing could prepare me for the real thing.
Last Friday the Pink Singers had their 31st anniversary. In fact I should say OUR 31st anniversary, since I am one of them now. “Excuse me? The filmmaker, the camera guy is now singing?”. Yes, and it was kind of my newbie party as well. My verdict? You’re nuts. And I absolutely love that. Hilarious performances, drinks, snacks, awesome costumes, funny jokes (half of which I couldn’t understand, but still funny)…

Although I hadn’t had the chance to dress up for the occasion, I had a great time with all of you pink loonies. And I had a bad time trying to identify everyone in with their weird costumes. Give me a break, it’s 87 names to remember! So now and again, you’re going to be “darling”, “honey”, “mate” or “man”. If I ever call you that, please take it as a sign that you can mention your name as casually as you can in the conversation, thank you very much.
Dressed up to the nineties... Photo by Liang Wee
Dressed up to the nineties… Photo by Liang Wee

I sang, yes. When I see a microphone I cannot stop myself. It was a simple karaoke moment, though. My “christening” to enter the “brotherhood”. A diferent thing is choir practise. I have been in a couple of choirs, I have performed in a couple of shows and in a musical play, always as an amateur. But on my first practise with actual music sheets I realised it would demand more from me than I expected. The good news is you make it really easy, with all the aid available, both in person and with the gloriously helpful tracks. And sometimes I feel a bit lost. I quit studying music at the age of 14, and I’m not familiar with the English musical vocabulary (this is my 10th month in the UK, bear with me!). But there are only two options at the end of this season: either I will be utterly depressed or I will be able to read music properly again. And it’s not going to be the first one, so expect some irritating questions if you’re seating next to me in practise. No hard feelings.
Either partying or practising, I think you’re very cool both as a group and as individuals. So thank you for embracing me in this time of challenges and exciting new experiences I am having living in London.

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