Reflecting on Various Voices 2014: Pt1


Newbie tenor Chris recalls his experience of the Various Voices festival in Dublin last weekend…
Having only joined the Pink Singers for this season, “Various Voices” was not a term I was familiar with, however with the persuasion of my section leader I signed up for the unknown.
If I had known then what I know now, I would have joined the Pink Singers just to be allowed to come!
Initial preparations were frantic as I found out I would standing in the front row for our performances, and would actually have to learn the choreography rather than copy the person in front of me. I also managed to lose my wallet the day before I left, however, once I was on my (rather early) flight I was on my way to one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.
Over four days in Dublin I went through every possible emotion. I felt scared before my first ever Pinkie performance at the Axis Theatre in Ballymun, elated after we had nailed I, Choir and brought the audience to their feet, and once again with our set finale All By Myself.

The Pink Singers performing All by myself in January 2014

I cried as the Rock Creek Singers performed Make Them Hear You and again when Proud Voices took to the stage.

Photo courtesy of Liang Wee and Roy Van
Photo courtesy of Liang Wee and Roy Van

I was sad when it ended far too soon and am grateful that I shared the experience with so many wonderful people. There were so many highlights: getting to know people in my own choir much better, Luke wearing Brian’s (our mannequin) clothes to perform at The Helix, being taught how to use a drill by Jenny when erecting our exhibition, Singing the Changes, the gorgeous Dublin weather and meeting the many other choirs and realising how much joy LGBT choirs bring to people around the world.
If anyone gets the opportunity to travel in time and go again I would recommend it, otherwise you’ll just have to wait until Munich 2018. I’m excited already!
Don’t want to wait that long to see the Pink Singers? Get your tickets now for Notes from a Small Island, our celebration of British composers and songwriters on Saturday 19 July at Hackney Empire.

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