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I’m Gary, the New Members representative for the Pink Singers Europe’s longest running LGBT choir. We are starting our 2014/15 season in September, and we’re looking for new members!
I joined in September 2012 and have enjoyed every minute, so I thought I could give you some reasons why you should join the Pink Singers.
We sing high, we sing low! We’re a choir – it’s what we do and we do it well! We perform two major concerts a year, as well as many other smaller events so everyone can see & hear what we like to call “The Pinkie Magic”.
pinkies_Jul14_quickPix-0985% of us are fun fun fun! You’ll meet lots of new friends. I have made lots of great friends in the last two years from across the choir. You’ll become part of a fantastic group of people who support and encourage each other. We also run various social events throughout the year which help you get to know everyone a bit better.
So many trips a choir can do! Cardiff, Dublin, Reykjavik, Lisbon, Athens – just some of the places the choir have performed in the last few years. We’re already planning a big trip to Denver in 2016 for the Gala Choruses festival. But it’s not all travel – we take part in lots of smaller performances, recording sessions and community outreach projects right here in London.
pinkies_Jul14_quickPix-08Choi- YEAH! We rehearse every Sunday in central London (near Euston) between 2-6pm, and we spend a bit of time outside of this memorising our music (we always perform without music). So we work hard, but it’s always worth it – there is nothing like the buzz you feel after an amazing concert! If such things take your fancy, you can also get involved in other aspects of the choir organisation such as helping with fundraising, trip planning etc. It’s all volunteer-led!
The Pink Singers is the longest-running LGBT choir in Europe, formed in 1983, and I never really appreciated what trailblazers we were until I attended the Various Voices choral festival in Dublin in June. To know I was part of such a well-known group was very moving.
Have a read of the some of the blog posts written by other new choir members, and you’ll truly get a feel of “what it means to be a Pinkie”.
We have a few spaces each season and our next season starts in late Setember 2014. So, if you want to join us or have any other questions check out our joining page, or drop me an email at joining@pinksingers.co.uk.

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