A vocal minority – London’s queer choirs

As part of LGBT history month, every Thursday this February we’ll be posting a video from the archive.

Here’s a short documentary filmed in 1994 and presented by Jonathan Reithmueller on the LGBT choir scene in London at the time. Choirs covered include Vocal Minority, Diversity and us Pink Singers. It even features an interview with one of our tenors who’s still in the choir 21 years on, Philip Rescorla.

There’s another scene in London, a scene that not too many people know about, that can be just as fun and a lot more sociable. Welcome to the wonderful world of London’s queer choirs.

(thanks to Proud Voices for posting this)

Singing the Changes

As part of our 30th anniversary in 2013 we created an exhibition telling London’s LGBT history through the choir’s voices.

The whole exhibition including lots of oral histories recorded in video, can be browsed online and, until February 25th, in person at the Barbican music library.

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