Pink Singers & the Making Music Virtual Concert

I wanna dance with somebody - YouTube still

Pink Singers joined other groups in Making Music virtual concert on 9th June


Like all choirs sadly at the moment we are unable to get together to sing and make music. Physical connection is so important for us as humans and is an intrinsic part of the Pink Singers community. We miss it like crazy, but in these dark times we are finding new ways to connect within and outside our community.

When we heard that Making Music were planning to run virtual concerts we jumped at the chance to take part. We created a watch party and many of our members spent a fun 45 minute concert watching ourselves line up alongside including choirs, a brass band, a steel band and a drumming group.

Making Music Virtual Concert Series | Concert 02

If you want to scroll straight through to our performance we’re on third at 7:40.

For our song choice we selected Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody. This slowed down version of the song has organically grown to become a Pink Singers standard and a song we go back to over and over again. And like many of the songs we have performed over the years it has a special meaning during these times.

It’s counter intuitive to think you would adapt Whitney’s 80’s dance hit to a sad, reflective song about love but look beneath the fizzy pop, primary colours and you’ll find something unexpected.  You’ll find poignancy and a longing for connection.  Chris Chambers’ arrangement with its clashing and beautiful harmonies is only complete when we have every voice part included, when we are all there singing together.  It seems to be as edifying to listen to as it is fun to sing. 

I Wanna Dance, slowed down like this is a reminder of the struggle of individual isolation and the promise that sharing this sadness together makes us a bit less alone.  

In the concert we are joined by other choirs and groups including a steel band and a brass band. It’s a fun way to spend 45 minutes and to feel part of the wider musical community finding ways to connect online.

Making Music will be running these events on a fortnightly basis. Subscribe to their YouTube channel if you are interested in watching other videos and live events.

Cilla Wright, Alto

Timeline datestamp: 09 June 2020

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