School’s Out! Kids Treated to Pinkie Magic

A small group from the choir performed some of the songs we will be showcasing in our upcoming concert at Cadogan Hall on 24th April. Newbie Tom tells us how this came about and why these types of events are so important.

On Friday 18th March, I invited a group of my dear Pink Singers to attend North Bridge House Senior School, Hampstead, for an assembly on coming out. We performed three songs as part of an assembly, with Philip and myself (a teacher of physics at the school) speaking about LGBT+ history and our personal experiences as gay men. The assembly was enthusiastically received by students and staff, and I have continued to receive rapturous praise from students and staff ever since.

It is important to me that when discussing LGBT+ life in school, we don’t only moan about the phobias and isms, but take time to celebrate our identity and show the students how joyful and passionate our community is.

That is exactly what we did on Friday: the mini-choir looked and sounded awesome as we sang in front of two huge colourful posters made by the students which declared “I am free”. We certainly felt free singing Chosen Family to 450 young people, and I hope that they will remember our happy little performance when they ask themselves what the other side of coming out will look like.

Tom, Alto

Our concert on Sunday 24th April at Cadogan Hall will be our first large scale concert since our sell-out show in January 2020. We’re so excited to be back and hope you can join us! Tickets from £10.

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