Various Voices update – January 2008

As many of you will know, I am our choir’s elected member on the Various Voices 2009 Planning Group. To clarify, the responsibilities of Planning Group members are as follows:
– to represent the interests of the stakeholder choir to which they belong (whether this is the Pink Singers, LGMC or Diversity)
– to act as a conduit for communicating information between their choir and the Planning Group and vice-versa and
– to work collectively as a Group to ensure the successful planning and delivery of VV09.
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First meeting

Hello Pinkies. So I’ve been to my first meeting for Team London. I was amongst a group of twelve men and two women (thanks to Lynne and Tanya) who met in a beautiful part of London, just off St. James Park on one of the hottest days of the year. Us new Pinkies were made to feel very welcome by the others who were representing LGMC, Diversity and Design for Diversity.
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Singing out

Hello Pinkies. Hope you’ve all enjoyed your summer break. While you’ve been off sunning your bones the Various Voices 09 team have huddled together again to work out how to make the festival in London the biggest and best it can be. This latest meeting was a touch smaller than the first with not a huge amount to report back on unfortunately. We’re still waiting for everyone to reply to the skills questionnaire so we can work out who is going to organise what. This should get moving at the next meeting.
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