First meeting

Hello Pinkies. So I’ve been to my first meeting for Team London. I was amongst a group of twelve men and two women (thanks to Lynne and Tanya) who met in a beautiful part of London, just off St. James Park on one of the hottest days of the year. Us new Pinkies were made to feel very welcome by the others who were representing LGMC, Diversity and Design for Diversity.
What strikes me overall is how much work is involved and we’re just at the tip of the iceberg – things are certainly going to get bigger and busier. It also makes me realise that for all the festivals to be a success we’re going to need a lot of people to help, more than those present at the meeting that’s for sure. Watch this space guys as your help is going to be needed.
The meeting mainly centred around establishing a structure for the team and what needs to be done to make sure the festivals happen on time and on budget. The plan is that eventually we’ll be put into separate teams to look after every aspect everything from fundraising and volunteers to administration and marketing, then we can really get off the ground.
Lastly, we discussed the need for Sing Out (the association of gay choirs from UK and Ireland) to have a big conference next year. This would act as a dry run and also drum up interest for Various Voices amongst the domestic choirs. Some dates and locations in and around London were discussed – I’ll give you more details as when I can let them out of the bag.
That’s it for now, I’ll update you after the meeting next month.
Ritchie x

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