Various Voices update – January 2008

As many of you will know, I am our choir’s elected member on the Various Voices 2009 Planning Group. To clarify, the responsibilities of Planning Group members are as follows:
– to represent the interests of the stakeholder choir to which they belong (whether this is the Pink Singers, LGMC or Diversity)
– to act as a conduit for communicating information between their choir and the Planning Group and vice-versa and
– to work collectively as a Group to ensure the successful planning and delivery of VV09.
In addition, individual members of the Planning Group will be responsible for leading on specific strands or activities related to the Festival. For example, I am taking forward LGBT Youth participation in the Festival. Whilst I am our elected member, it is important to acknowledge that other members of the Pink Singers are have been involved in the past and are currently actively involved in VV09, including Hsien’s work on IT infrastructure for the event, and the participation of Simon, Michael D, Liang, Tanya, Annie and Lynne.

So what’s been happening so far?

VV09 is still in relatively early stages of planning, but here is a summary of key activities to date:
– VV09 registered as a company;
– the stakeholder choirs have committed to participating in VVO9, including financial outlay;
– much of the technological infrastructure is in place to support the event (such as the VV09 website and project planning tools);
– the Director has held fruitful discussions with the South Bank centre (as the venue for VV09) to discuss planning for the event;
– choirs across Europe are about to be invited to express initial interest attending VV09.

How can you get involved?

It is anticipated that choir members will be able to get involved in many aspects of VV09, not just as participants at the Festival itself but to play a role in planning. For example, once we begin to define the details of the format and workshops for the event, your ideas and assistance will be much in demand. One way you can participate now is to register to provide Host Accommodation for VV09.
and users can navigate to it from “Visiting London” / “Accommodation”. When a host submits a registration using the form, the host gets a confirmation email containing a personalised hyperlink that will allow them to edit their accommodation details at a later date.
Anyway, apologies for not doing an update earlier. I will be feeding regular updates to the Management Committee as well as to the Pink Singers, and be rest assured we will be looking to exploit YOUR skills, expertise and enthusiasm for VV09 in the near future!

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