Pinkies Theatre Evening


On the cold, dark evening of March the 21st a number of Pinkies descended upon Richmond to watch a play for the bass sectional social event. The play was at the Richmond Theatre facing Richmond Green. The red velvet seats and covered walls were a comforting reminder of the pleasure of theatre going and ice-cream intermissions.
The play was a rather funny one about a well-known British football manager going to heaven and finding himself back on earth to fulfill his new role as inspirational muse for a human in need of such things. Things didn’t quite go to plan, as in my experience is what life is all about, and although most of the football jokes and some of the British cultural jokes went way above my head – and possibly some other Pinkies’ heads too – it was very funny.
The cast was small but very capable, especially the human in need of inspiration had huge presence on stage in my humble opinion. And the finale was as camp as anything.
We even spotted a celebrity on the way out who said he enjoyed the show very much!
Thank you for organising the event basses!
by Line

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