There's No Business Like It – Pinkies Fundraiser

Glamorous Pinkie assistant Phil. Photographs by Oskar Marchock.
Glamorous Pinkie assistant Phil gets snapped up by an audience member. Photographs by Oskar Marchock.

Simon H
Simon H

I had the best time helping to organise the most recent Pinkies fundraiser. Charly (my co-host) and I went for a showbiz theme – as ‘there is no business like it’, according to Ethel Merman. It seemed like a lot to organise, but once you put a few pink minds to work on something it is amazing what can happen.
Rachel’s mum set some fiendish questions, our multimedia man magnet Simon P got a brilliant set of intros together for our music round, graphic Greg made a beautiful poster and the Two Brewers bent over backwards to accommodate our every need in their backroom…
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Crafty chicks – fundraising party

Alto Fundraiser 2010
I know we are now officially on break, except for Pride, but I wanted to update you (remind perhaps) of the alto-sections fundraiser coming up in a few weeks. It will be a fabulous opportunity to catch up with everyone and get some Pinkie love even during break.
Yes, our section has some hidden talent. (Tom is our honorary alto for that evening).
We will be running short workshops including knitting, drumming, cupcake-decorating, the cha cha cha, crocheting, photoshop and tap-dance. I’ll leave you to guess who is running which workshop.
To finish the evening off with a bang there will also be a quiz for those less keen on learning to tap-dance.
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Blow Out Bands Night!


It was an event that took the D out of “fundraising” and put the F back into “fabulous”. Yes, I am referring to the divine Blowout Bands Night, at the Black Cap Pub organised by the altos/tenors.
We were ushered through and our hands were stamped with an ink so powerful, that I still have a souvenir of last Saturday evening on my hand – a moving reminder of the fabulous evening that followed.
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South Side Story: A Southwark Hunt


On 19 May a group of Pinkies and their friends gathered outside Southwark Cathedral. Were we going to bash the bishop? No (Southwark Cathedral is known as being gay friendly), but following the popularity of Kay’s Big Pink Hunt last year the basses had decided to have a treasure hunt for their fundraiser. The setting would be the Thames path heading westwards, more or less (less in the case of some teams; see below).
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