Pinkie spotlight – Jenny


My name is Jenny.
My section is Sopranos.
I joined the Pink Singers in February 1999.
I joined the Pink Singers because I went to see the Pinkies’ 15th anniversary concert in December 1998 and it got me thinking that it had been 15 years since I’d last sung in a concert, aged 11 at the time! Once I’d plucked up the courage to attend my first rehearsal, I quickly realised how much I’d missed singing and being part of a choir. I’ve not missed a season since.
My favourite thing about being a Pinkie is… How could you make me choose? One of my very favourite things is simply being a Pinkie!
When I’m not rehearsing you can find me renovating my flat. No, I still haven’t got round to decorating.
The song that I would most like us to perform is… I’d love us to sing some of Vaughan Williams’ choral music. He wrote some beautiful pieces, many of them based on old English folk songs, of which he was an avid collector. In fact, I think Mladen may have some in store for us…
The song in our repertoire which should be laid to rest is Tragedy. It was. It is. It won’t be if we lay it to rest. Tragedy is by the Bee Gees (in case you didn’t know).

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