Capital Quiz (Part 1)


On Monday 15th January, three pinkies; Johnathan, Philip and Michael, took part in the first preliminary round of the Capital Quiz.

Capital Quiz is a well established annual event involving teams from all over London. The teams are varied: Football supporters, Metropolitan Community Church, mates who go to the pub, …and The Pink Singers. The quiz is organised jointly by London Monday Group ( no, not the Monday Club! ) and Homo Promos; the brainchild of the amazing Peter Scott-Presland: writer, impresario, theatre director, performer, ( Michael was his pianist at a Pirate Jenny gig last year ), and he is the person who sets and asks the questions.
The hosts are The Black Cap pub in Camden. They supply the venue, the sandwiches and, most importantly, the prize money. The event also raises hundreds of pounds for the wonderful Food Chain.
So, how did Pink Singers Team 1 get on? We didn’t come last, but neither were we in the top two teams going forward to the quarter-finals. But we did enjoy the event. In each round we got enough questions correct so as not to feel stupid ( 100% in the last round ), and the whole event was very relaxed and friendly. Congratulations to London Monday Group, Homo Promos and The Black Cap.
Pink Singers Team 2 will be in the hot seat on Monday 5th February. We all wish them luck. Let’s go along and support them. Observers can make up a ‘scratch’ team and do the quiz along with the official teams. Come along. It’s great fun. You get to drink beer and look like a smart-arse. Perfect!
by Michael
Small Group Musical Director

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