Capital Quiz (Part 2)


Hello ladies and gents,
Well, after a valiant fight, and a rather absurd amount of adrenaline, we the Pink Singers 2, ended up thoroughly trounced by the opposition at the Black Cap last night (Monday 26th February 2007). The pain! The sorrow!
I have to say, I am most disappointed. Not one question about Girls Aloud for the WHOLE contest! Like, what is that about?
The questions were devilishly difficult, but we did our utmost to answer them. Correctly.
Top marks and ultimate brownie points go to Emelda, who managed to score a whopping EIGHT POINTS on Northern Ireland! Tanya and I sat mouths agape. Next year we will return armed with more inane knowledge! Yes!
On a really quite mad note, I ended up chatting to someone in French at the bar who it turned out was German, and who it turned out was someone I knew when I lived in Toulouse, France a whole 5 years ago. Before LDN. Before the Pinkies! When I used to sing in an accappella choir with an anaesthetist and tuning fork, and we would belt out 15th century French drinking songs to unsuspecting passers-by of a Saturday morn.
Hmmm, I much prefer the Dukes Hall and (shock!) even the Fancies, compared to that.
Again, well done Emelda, you are a total star.
by Johnathon

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