World aids day 2007



Raising funds for Positive Rainbow
I’ve only very recently become a Pinkie, and was keen to get a performance under my belt before we all dash off on the Eurostar to Paris. So I eagerly signed up to the World Aids Day evening concert last week on Wednesday 28th November. Being a true South East Londoner I rarely go further North than Kings Cross, and so I was very pleased to arrive at Tottenham Hale Tube to find the lovely Lynne who could guide us all on our way to the venue. When we arrived I was pleased to see lots of other new pinkies, who like me were looking slightly pale and nervous.
The performance was in the White Hart pub and was part of an evening to raise funds for Positive Rainbow, a Haringey support network for gay and bisexual men living with HIV. A really important cause, and one that is well worth new pinkies losing their nerves for.
Getting ready in the kitchenOff we went into the highly salubrious pub kitchen for our rehearsal, and to don our Pinkies T-shirts. I have of course, spent every waking moment learning my music but was a bit concerned about singing without it in front of the public for the first time -especially as this was supposed to be a ‘small group’ concert. It turned out though that the basses came out in force; and as we are obviously the strongest and best section of the choir I felt quite safe..
We took our position in front of the stage after a charming drag act had thoroughly humiliated a poor defenceless teenager, and I was very much hoping our audience were looking forward to something a little more relaxing, a little more cultured. After our marvellous introduction and a quick tune up, we sang our Abba Medley, Come What may and You’ll Never Walk Alone. All three went well, and by the end of our set I was starting to feel a bit more confident about actually allowing any sound to come out of my mouth. You’ll never walk alone is a good spirit-rousing tune and really helps me to find my feet when performing. For me, I think that was the best of our 3 songs and the audience really seemed to enjoy it.
At the World Aids day concertIt was all over too quickly for my liking.. Before I knew what had happened we were trooping back into the kitchen and then back out again for a much needed drink. My fellow new members had all had a good experience too, and we all shared collective relief at having finally graduated to fully fledged performing pinkies – phew!
After a few drinks I decided to wander home. On my way back I had a few minutes to reflect on the evening and realised that I had really enjoyed myself. I was nervous about joining the choir for a couple of reasons but strangely, performing wasn’t really one of them. I was more nervous about entering a social group and not knowing anyone. But, I felt entirely comfortable during the course of the evening and felt like I had some good friends around me. I’m really looking forward to getting to Paris and repeating the whole experience with all my new friends and our continental counterparts, Equivox..
by Ben

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