Pinkie spotlight – Johnathon


My name is Johnathon.
My section is Tenor.
I joined the Pink Singers in October 2003.
Had you performed in choirs before? I had been in school musicals, and performed in an accapella choir in Toulouse, France..
I joined the Pink Singers because my then flatmate was going, and I wanted to do something else with my Sunday than resist alcohol-induced vomiting.
What do you like most about being a Pinkie? I like singing, and socialising, and going to events. And being part of such a vibrant, fun bunch of people. Most of us are decent sorts, you know…
Which songs do you most like performing? My favourite song was the Madonna medley we did, Pink Ambition, only enhanced by the ladies crawling around on the floor during the choreography. Ooh and Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Which rocks. (Diamonds > Rocks > see what I did there?)
What song would you like to perform in future? I want to arrange an Erasure medley, called Total Erasure, and it would be great if we could perform that. We could even get Andy Bell to guest present! Ooooh!
What places have you travelled to with the Pinkies? I have scaled the dizzy heights of Copenhagen, Helsinki and Paris, and the arguably dizzier heights of Brighton, Birmingham, Windsor, and not forgetting Great Yarmouth. How could we forget?
Which was your favourite event? I loved singing in Copenhagen, since I had been living in Stockholm with no friends, took the train down to Denmark, and suddenly I turned a Danish corner, and there were all my pals! It was so overwhelming that to celebrate, I fell over a pushbike in full view of everyone. Classy!

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