Pink Singers – 25 years of Gay & Lesbian Pride!


As well as celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, the Pink Singers also sang at Pride for the 25th time, an event that we are proud to say that we have not missed once in the last 25 years since 1983 when we were first formed. A lot has changed since those early years, and it seems that our achievements run in parallel with the victories that the gay & lesbian community have won.
On the day, we were blessed with amazing warm weather, a packed Trafalgar Square, and a wonderfully supportive audience, who cheered for us even while the sound problems were tackled with. We were all buzzing with excitement, being so soon after our last performance at the O2 (and for some of us, there was an extra buzz from seeing some celebs getting changed in the green room). We sang “Son of a Preacher Man” first, and after we had whipped the audience into a frenzy, we sang “Motown Medley” to more rapturous applause.
As usual Michael Derrick provided his usual sparkling accompaniment on the piano, and our voices were all in fine form, perhaps from all that shouting during the parade (for those who marched), or perhaps it is because our summer concert is coming up very shortly. In any case, it is so ultimately rewarding to see all the effort and practise coalesce into an exciting, wonderful performance, that delivers the message that we are gay and proud!
by Michael

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