Southbank Centre gig


On Sunday 25th January, The Pink Singers performed at the Southbank Centre as part of its VoiceLab series. Instead of a standard concert, we first performed our two numbers, ‘Best of Bond’ and ‘Motown Medley’, and then invited the audience to participate in a workshop in which they were taught three of the Motown songs, along with the accompanying movements.
While some of the choir members had sung at least one of the medleys before in previous seasons, for us ‘newbies’ it all had to be learned from scratch. I think it was pretty darned impressive therefore that we managed to put everything together in just two weeks, and to carry off a pretty seamless performance (apart from the moment when ALL the men forgot their ‘arms raised’ pose in the middle of ‘Diamonds are Forever’…). The audience, which started at a good size and increased throughout as passers-by stopped to listen, was very enthusiastic and sang and danced with gusto. Tanya did a fantastic job of leading the audience participation session, and Mladen even got them singing in four-part harmony.
All in all, the gig was a huge success – an incredible venue, great music, and a lot of fun had by all.
by Naomi

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