LGBT History Month 2009: Islington

It was with a mixture of trepidation and excitement that I, as a recent Newbie, approached my first ‘community’ gig at Finsbury Library, Islington.

I had experienced the occasion of the winter concert at the Royal Academy of Music and the sense of fun that The Southbank Centre brought. For me, this was a different kettle of fish altogether – the thought of a more intimate gig, in a more informal setting sent the fear of god through me for some reason – not least because our audience consisted of, mainly other gay people.

A swift glass of wine and a nibble, pre-gig, took the edge off for both performers and audience and we were thankfully received with open arms!

Philip R, warmed the audience up in his inimitable style with his cheeky quips and the first plink of the piano and the drop of our heads in the introduction to Goldfinger provoked roars of laughter which was initially a little worrying but this soon turned to reassurance that we were being received in the manner intended – tongue in cheek and fun!

Ply the audiences with alcohol every time I say! Bond went down a storm with cheers and whooping from the audience. Could it get any better? Apparently so as we had people singing along and even a couple dancing in the aisles to the Motown medley!

A great sense of warmth and pride overcame me as we took our final bow and the crowd cried ‘More’. We left the stage on a definite high and mingled with the audience over further drinks and snacks. In true Pinkies style, some continued riding the wave by taking a trip to Islington gay bar ‘The Green’ post-performance. It was another success and we may, I hear, be invited back, which is great news.

by Gary

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