My journey with the Pinkies begins!

Léonie, soprano

My journey with the Pinkies began with an internet search engine. A lively website and interesting-looking range of songs led me to their Winter Concert. After seeing the live performance, I just knew I had to be a part of it!
This is how I found myself standing outside the Pinkies’ rehearsal venue on a Sunday afternoon in January facing the first audition of my life! After a few moments of trying to remember how to breathe, I was met by the lovely Liang. He helped put my nerves at ease and did an amazing job of remembering all of our names as he introduced us ‘newbies’ to each other.
Once inside we were welcomed warmly by the Pinkies and guided to the relevant section. Mladen then took us through a thorough warm up, waking up some forgotten vocal muscles before revealing the repertoire for the season. It was as varied as I’d hoped – from Abba to Sondheim to Vivaldi! It was wonderful to be singing in a group again.

After a number of hours of singing (and a break in Prêt à Manger), the newbies were left to the auditions (while everyone else went to wait for us in the pub!). We had all been sent an extract of a song in four-part harmony (sheet music and audio track) to learn. This formed the main part of the audition.

2010-07-03 Pinkies at Pride London backstage
Photo credit: Hsien

One by one we went into the dance studio, where a handful of Pinkies were waiting. The Pinkies sang the various parts (including some helping with my line), while I sang the part I’d learnt. We also had to sing a couple of scales so that we could be placed in the relevant section. Apparently I looked terrified, but must have sounded alright as they kindly let me join and help boost the number of 1st sopranos!
Since joining, the Pink Singers has taken over my life! I have been travelling everywhere with rehearsal tracks on my ipod and sheet music in my bag. I have overcome the challenges of choreography (while singing at the same time – much more complicated than in sounds!) and flash-mobbing. I’ve just had my first concert in Cadogan Hall and all I can think about it is ‘when I can do it all again?’! This week is another first as I take to the stage at Pride.
It’s been a wonderful six months, incredibly busy, but a lot of fun. I love being a part of this group and singing with such amazing people. I can’t imagine it not being in my life now. Roll on next season!

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