My journey with the Pinkies begins!

Léonie, soprano

My journey with the Pinkies began with an internet search engine. A lively website and interesting-looking range of songs led me to their Winter Concert. After seeing the live performance, I just knew I had to be a part of it!
This is how I found myself standing outside the Pinkies’ rehearsal venue on a Sunday afternoon in January facing the first audition of my life! After a few moments of trying to remember how to breathe, I was met by the lovely Liang. He helped put my nerves at ease and did an amazing job of remembering all of our names as he introduced us ‘newbies’ to each other.
Once inside we were welcomed warmly by the Pinkies and guided to the relevant section. Mladen then took us through a thorough warm up, waking up some forgotten vocal muscles before revealing the repertoire for the season. It was as varied as I’d hoped – from Abba to Sondheim to Vivaldi! It was wonderful to be singing in a group again.
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Battle Of The Brains


With the promise of star prizes, a jolly good sing-song and assorted beverages of the alcoholic variety, plus the opportunity to engage our brains in something a little more taxing than ‘Deal or No Deal’ we all arrived excitedly and full of expectation at the Black Cap with a £5 note burning a hole in our little sweaty hands for the Soprano Section’s fundraiser.
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A Night At The Races


Prior to this Pinkies event, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. The only previous race night I’d attended was a pig racing night in a country pub. The pigs were clockwork. Each was wound up and placed at the starting line of a long table. Still that was some years ago, in rural Dorset – well they have to make their own entertainment in those parts.
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