A magical evening at Kettner’s


“It was the most magical evening, made all the more extraordinary by the fabulous Pink Singers” said actor Martin Parr after his birthday bash at Kettner’s restaurant in the heart of Soho.
“Everyone performed with such heart and gusto and professionalism,” he added. “I was utterly taken aback by the standard, the humour and joy of it all.” Martin said he received many messages saying what a huge hit the Pink Singers were.
And it was a memorable night out for Pink Singers tenor Simon Harrison. “After two fine years of choir action I was taking part in my first small group performance – and picked the right time to lose my cherry. After the long summer break it was sheer vocal heaven to be back in the bosom of the choir and doing what we do best – sing!

“About twenty of us had a quick run through at The Place near Kings Cross and then strolled down into Show-ho to perform at Martin’s birthday party. We had to fight our way through the bulging pectorals and veiny biceps that were on display on Old Compton Street for the Pink Soho day – with eyes demurely downcast I assure you – and then into the cool, calm and ever so chic venue.
“We were very lucky to have an expert ukulele player and yodeller as our warm up. Then the lovely musical actress Janie Dee sang No-one knows I’m a mermaid by Noel Gay before Martin handed over to the Pink Singers with the words to his guests that we were his gift to them: no pressure then!
“Our very own Philip Rescorla did an amazing job of compèring with great charm and an array of jokes that had the audience and choir alike having to practice pelvic floor exercises to remain fully continent.
“Our repertoire was drawn from last season and particular hits were our opener Does Your Mother Know, the eternal Italian Salad and the cheesy Sh-Boom. Many thanks to Tanya, who bravely stood in for Sally Anne (struck down with cold) in the Italian Salad solo and who made very convincing opera out of repeating ‘zucchini’ – or was it another vegetable? – in perfect tune.
“We were a palpable hit and were pleasantly gushed over by assorted theatricals who may well be turning to the Pinkies when they are wondering how to provide top notch entertainment for their next party.”
Simon’s tip to other Pinkies who have not yet done a small group gig: give it a go – if you warm up properly it doesn’t hurt a bit.
To hire the Pink Singers small group, contact Gareth at concerts@pinksingers.co.uk

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