A magical evening at Kettner’s


“It was the most magical evening, made all the more extraordinary by the fabulous Pink Singers” said actor Martin Parr after his birthday bash at Kettner’s restaurant in the heart of Soho.
“Everyone performed with such heart and gusto and professionalism,” he added. “I was utterly taken aback by the standard, the humour and joy of it all.” Martin said he received many messages saying what a huge hit the Pink Singers were.
And it was a memorable night out for Pink Singers tenor Simon Harrison. “After two fine years of choir action I was taking part in my first small group performance – and picked the right time to lose my cherry. After the long summer break it was sheer vocal heaven to be back in the bosom of the choir and doing what we do best – sing!
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Blow Out Bands Night!


It was an event that took the D out of “fundraising” and put the F back into “fabulous”. Yes, I am referring to the divine Blowout Bands Night, at the Black Cap Pub organised by the altos/tenors.
We were ushered through and our hands were stamped with an ink so powerful, that I still have a souvenir of last Saturday evening on my hand – a moving reminder of the fabulous evening that followed.
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Pink Singers Go Line Dancing!


Having attended the tenor section’s fundraiser on Tuesday evening at the Black Cap, what can I say other than it was a truly sensational evening! The words line dancing are not ones that I would automatically jump up out of my chair for, but thought to myself you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it so I went along. I’m sure those of you who also turned up to support the event will agree with me when I say that you could barely keep any of us pinned to our seats and once that music started everyone’s toes, including our “Daddy” Mladen!, were a-tapping. Everyone truly got into the spirit of it all with thumbs looped over belts and cries of “yee ha!” Bill’s sister, Carole and her friend June were fabulous and brought out our inner cowgirl or cowboy (keep it clean!).
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