Joining the Pinkies!

RadhaOur new season has started with a bang, and rehearsals are already in full swing. Radha has just joined our alto section and tells us a bit about what it’s like to be a ‘newbie’!
Being surrounded by individuals who are as passionate about music as you are is a refreshing experience. Interacting with like-minded people and really having them understand music as well as you do is an incredibly uplifting feeling.
Joining the Pink Singers gave me just that. The cohesive bond between all group members, regardless of age, gender, race, and religion really shone through.
Pinkies in rehearsalMy journey began via word of mouth – I had heard of the Pink Singers from a friend and was intrigued to discover more. I need somewhere to reignite my fire for music and singing that I had lost about five years ago.
My research led me to an array of performances posted on YouTube – and the choir’s blog. I wanted to be one of the voices that soared the way The Pink Singers voices did and still do!
Newbie party_Sep 2016And so my journey led me on to my audition. I fell so far flat on my first note that it would have been preferable for the ground to swallow me whole at that point! However Murray, our Musical Director, and the gang encouraged me to keep going and gave me the opportunity to shine. They didn’t try to catch me out or criticise me when they could see I was a bit out of practice – instead, they saw the potential I had and invited me to join The Pink Singers and continue onwards to rediscovering my passion for music.
The choir hosted a party for myself and other new members which included hair-raising renditions of Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody and SIA’s Chandelier.
Newbie party_Sep 2016This week has been a whirlwind and we’re soon to be starting choreography to match these angelic voices. Watch out, world! You’re in for a ride!
Keep an eye on our website over the next few weeks for some very exciting updates, including details on our next concert – which will be on Saturday 14 January 2017! Save the date!

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