Meet our new Management Committee!

Which Pinkie has webbed feet? Who was awarded not one, but two Blue Peter badges? Meet the team who make up this year’s new Management Committee to find out!

Simon – Chair

Interesting fact: A lesser-known fact about me is that I’m a lapsed runner – in 2010 I ran the London marathon and it was painfully epic!
Favourite Pinkie song: With A Lily In Your Hand – it’s a setting of a beautiful and unusual love poem by Federico García Lorca; it’s full of lush chords, ostinato rhythms and contrasts.

Zoe – Events Manager

Zoe CInteresting fact: My cousin is one of only two people to have won the Cycling Triple Crown. I can just about cycle around the park (as long the path is flat).

Favourite Pinkie song: Chandelier: the choir sang it to us nearly-newbies, and I loved it so much. I was so happy when I sang it when we went to Dublin and Amsterdam.

Penny – Soprano Section Leader

Penny LangridgeInteresting fact: I neither love nor hate marmite.

Favourite Pinkie song: Send in the Clowns – when I first auditioned for the choir, the current members sang it to us; it was amazing and really made me want to be a Pinkie.

Ben – Tenor Section Leader

ben-rInteresting fact: I’m a complete ‘cynophile’, a person who loves dogs!
Favourite Pinkie song: With a Lily in Your Handmy first season! It was extremely tough to learn, but sounded amazing in the end!

Nicola – Multimedia Director

Nicola SInteresting fact: I was once charged by a hippo in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park.

Favourite Pinkie song: Jai Ho – I saw the Pinkies perform it and hoped I always would too. I did, in my first Pinkies’ concert in fact, complete with choreography!

Simon – Artistic Director

Simon HarrisonInteresting fact: I am a very keen horticulturalist enjoying growing vegetables on my allotment.

Favourite Pinkie song: Both Sides NowI’m a big Joni Mitchell fan and a huge admirer of our very talented arranger, Chris Chambers who did a stunning job.

Alice – Alto Section Leader

Ali DoyleInteresting fact: One of my passions is travel, and especially to climb mountains. I always find the highest mountain wherever I go!
Favourite Pinkie song: I loved singing a song in Mandarin and Hokkien when we went to Taiwan to sing in the first Asian LGBT choral festival last year. It was hard but we got such a big round of applause at the end (or was it sympathy?!).

Jerome – Concerts Producer

Jerome De HenauInteresting fact: I love skiing and travelling. My father makes the best waffles in the world with a recipe from my gran.

Favourite Pinkie song: hard to pick a favourite song but one that took the choir through challenging times was Sondheim’s Send in the Clowns. I love it for its meaning and amazing chords.

Kirsten – Publicity Director

KirstenInteresting fact: I have visited 33 countries in the past two years.

Favourite Pinkie song: Love Song for a Vampire. We sang it at a Secret Enchanted Ball and ended up nearly choking on feathers that were being sprinkled onto our heads as we sang; it’s those bizarre situations that I would never otherwise find myself in that love about being in the choir.

Paul – Bass Section Leader

Paul TInteresting fact: My favourite colour is red, my favourite food is lasagne, my favourite drink is dark spiced rum and I have webbed toes on my right foot!

Favourite Pinkie song: My Pinkie highlight to date is singing Relax at the ‘By Special Arrangement’ concert. It is so dark and dramatic, a really powerful piece.

Zoe – Membership Secretary

zoeInteresting fact: I absolutely love playing board games and cards and once played bridge with one of the top ten Bridge Masters in the USA.

Favourite Pinkie song: This Woman’s Work has to be close. A beautiful arrangement of a powerful song.

Rosie – Secretary

Rosie ThomasInteresting fact: My proudest achievement is winning two Blue Peter badges. I don’t need much encouragement to wear them…
Favourite Pinkie song: Make You Feel My Love – I thought this was a beautiful arrangement (thanks to the inimitable Chris Chambers!).

Jezza – Communities Director

JeremyInteresting fact: Not many people know that my first word was a Cantonese swearword, i couldn’t possibly reveal it 😉
Favourite Pinkie song: ah, so many… but our recent arrangement of September tugged at my heartstrings in many special ways and made me glad to be a Pinkie.

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