Pink Singers Go Line Dancing!


Having attended the tenor section’s fundraiser on Tuesday evening at the Black Cap, what can I say other than it was a truly sensational evening! The words line dancing are not ones that I would automatically jump up out of my chair for, but thought to myself you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it so I went along. I’m sure those of you who also turned up to support the event will agree with me when I say that you could barely keep any of us pinned to our seats and once that music started everyone’s toes, including our “Daddy” Mladen!, were a-tapping. Everyone truly got into the spirit of it all with thumbs looped over belts and cries of “yee ha!” Bill’s sister, Carole and her friend June were fabulous and brought out our inner cowgirl or cowboy (keep it clean!).
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New Pinkie’s view – Judy B


Well, what can I say? What a great way to start the year! This was my first concert with the choir so it was a really big deal to me, and I’m pleased to say it was a fabulous experience.
Everyone’s hard work really paid off. We’d had enough rehearsals to make sure everything was down to a fine art, but not too many to make it all seem over-rehearsed.
The repertoire was fab. I heard so many ‘wows’ from the audience afterwards, and the biggest critics of all (my parents) absolutely loved it! I think they’ve ‘outed’ me to all my relatives by going on about it to them!
Seems like the audience want to see Tragedy as an encore next time – I guess all the torturous hours of movement rehearsals (only joking, Debbie) were worth it. It was also great to share the concert with the Rainbow Singers and the LGMC, both of which were brilliant.
The brunch was a lovely way to end the weekend. I had a great time (granted I couldn’t stay too long) and I got the chance to learn a few names I hadn’t known! (Oh yeah, and the food was yummy too!). Everything had been so well organised, so a big thank you to Lynne, Mladen, Michael… in fact, to everyone involved in making this such a fantastic weekend.

LGBT History Month 2006: Southwark

They say that small is beautiful. This certainly holds true for the Pinkies’ second outing to support LGBT history month in Southwark in February 2006.

Although a multitude of other commitments stopped a large number of Pinkies attending (and probably because it was a Friday night), the five die-hard singers, including only one boy – me, how did you guess?- had a whale of a time. With my dreams of being in Steps briefly ressurrected, albeit with four girls instead of the usual three, we rehearsed an impromptu version of Tragedy, replete with choreography. Needless to say, we decided to bin the prospective number. No matter how gay Steps actually were, it was deemed somewhat inappropriate to sing Tragedy as an uplifting LGBT history belter.

So on we went with trepidation, a most portable keyboard, and a distinct lack of basses. The good thing about being the only boy, and having a voice akin to the Titanic’s final horn blast, was that there was no mistaking who was singing! A festival of solos! Our rendition of Sheer Madness was sheerly fabulous, and They Don’t Know obviously became They Don’t Know Just How Very Fierce We Are.

Applause, nods from the tasty totty, and the music falling off the stand during a crucial modulation were moments of note. And then we went down the pub and gossipped til closing.

Aah, how very… Pinkies!
Roll on next year!

by Jonathon

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Tales of the Pinkie – Hsien

The Pinkies at GALA 2004“GALA in Montreal in the summer of 2004 was a big event for me. It was the first time that I was heading overseas with the Pink Singers and also the first time I had ever been to a choir festival, let alone a gay one. Even more importantly, it was the first time that Simon and I were going away on holiday together since we had started dating, so there was quite a bit of excitement to the whole trip.
Due to really bad co-ordination on our parts, however, Simon and I ended up flying to Canada separately. He went there directly, while I made a detour via New York in the company of Stephan from the basses. Stephan and I checked into a tiny little hotel room just north of Washington Square with a view of a brick wall and no natural light. But at least it was cheap! Most of our time there was spent shopping and eating, with the odd foray into Chelsea of course. Another friend of mine was in New York at the same time and, on the recommendation of a native he had picked up, we went to a very down-to-earth Venezuelan restaurant in the East Village. It pays to get to know the locals – I now visit religiously whenever I am in Manhattan. Continue reading “Tales of the Pinkie – Hsien”