A little light music and a big bright future


Exciting times lie ahead for the Pink Singers if the summer 2010 concert is anything to go by.
Having sold out our previous show at the Royal College of Music, we set our sights on a larger and more impressive venue for our summer concert. Aspirations and professionalism were ratcheted up accordingly: new music included the fiendish Eric Whitacre piece With a Lily, whilst our courageous choreography team introduced us to the astonishing – if sometimes elusive – concept of the double bounce.
After many weeks of rehearsal and drilling, we found ourselves entering the imposing Cadogan Hall, with the rosters from Suzanne Vega’s performance the night before still tacked onto our dressing room walls – a heady brush with the big time. Although this was only my third concert with the Pinkies, I sensed unusual excitement and anticipation among my fellow choir members, perhaps a little lubricated by gin. Continue reading “A little light music and a big bright future”

Crafty chicks – fundraising party

Alto Fundraiser 2010
I know we are now officially on break, except for Pride, but I wanted to update you (remind perhaps) of the alto-sections fundraiser coming up in a few weeks. It will be a fabulous opportunity to catch up with everyone and get some Pinkie love even during break.
Yes, our section has some hidden talent. (Tom is our honorary alto for that evening).
We will be running short workshops including knitting, drumming, cupcake-decorating, the cha cha cha, crocheting, photoshop and tap-dance. I’ll leave you to guess who is running which workshop.
To finish the evening off with a bang there will also be a quiz for those less keen on learning to tap-dance.
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Pinkie spotlight – Kelly


My name is Kelly.
My section is Alto.
I joined the Pink Singers in: I joined the Pink Singers last season so that’s October 2008.
Had you performed in choirs before? I have in the past been in choirs when I was at school.
I joined the Pink Singers because I had been looking to join a choir for years but couldn’t find one that was the right fit, then while watching a TV show that will remain nameless, I saw the Brighton Gay Mens choir and I thought “hey I bet there’s a gay choir in London”. I jumped on the Internet and hey presto up came the Pinkies, just like magic! Continue reading “Pinkie spotlight – Kelly”

Blow Out Bands Night!


It was an event that took the D out of “fundraising” and put the F back into “fabulous”. Yes, I am referring to the divine Blowout Bands Night, at the Black Cap Pub organised by the altos/tenors.
We were ushered through and our hands were stamped with an ink so powerful, that I still have a souvenir of last Saturday evening on my hand – a moving reminder of the fabulous evening that followed.
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The Big Pink Hunt


This season’s utterly splendid alto section social was organised by the ever-lovely Kay, and at lunch time on Saturday 13th May eight intrepid teams delved headlong into her Big Pink Hunt. Our starting point was the steps of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church (right next to Trafalgar Square). Kay and Annie were on hand to collect entry fees, dish out sugary/enumberry goody bags that were to sustain us on our quest, and distribute the maps and “not cryptic” (!) clues that would guide us through the West End to our final destination. We were then sent on our way at timed intervals with true military precision, with some teams actually heading off in the right direction! As always Liang and Hsien were at the ready to take photos a-plenty.
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