A pink Christmas for Marie Curie

Last year,
Pinkies carolling at Victoria Station in 2009
Photo credit: Hsien
on 10 December 2009, a group of festively-minded Pinkies serenaded the commuters at Victoria station and managed to raise just under £1,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care. We’re doing it again this year from 6 pm in Victoria station on Tuesday 14 December and, in a first for us, from 5 pm in Trafalgar Square on Wednesday 22 December and urge everyone to come join in the fun.
Marie Curie works with terminally ill cancer patients, championing new ways of helping them to have compassionate and appropriate end-of-life care. The Pinkies have been doing Christmas carolling for Marie Curie for the last three years and this year we’re coming out again in support.
We had a great time showing our holiday spirit in the station last year. Although it was pretty cold in there, moving around, singing and wearing tinsel and Santa hats warmed us all up. Oh and we got these super duper “permission to ply your musical trade” ID badges for the day. We did a combination of Christmas carols (with some guitar accompaniment) and part of our a capella repertoire, including our awarding-winning rendition of Now is the Month of Maying. Okay, it was perhaps not a traditional Christmas offering, by hey, why not? We got a prize for it! We ended with the Pinkie traditional reward of a nice drink in the pub, a good time was had by audience and singers alike, and this year we can sing it again, all for a worthy cause. Do join us!

A magical evening at Kettner’s


“It was the most magical evening, made all the more extraordinary by the fabulous Pink Singers” said actor Martin Parr after his birthday bash at Kettner’s restaurant in the heart of Soho.
“Everyone performed with such heart and gusto and professionalism,” he added. “I was utterly taken aback by the standard, the humour and joy of it all.” Martin said he received many messages saying what a huge hit the Pink Singers were.
And it was a memorable night out for Pink Singers tenor Simon Harrison. “After two fine years of choir action I was taking part in my first small group performance – and picked the right time to lose my cherry. After the long summer break it was sheer vocal heaven to be back in the bosom of the choir and doing what we do best – sing!
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Mamma Mia!


Melody: Mamma Mia!
I’ve agreed to many strange things since I don’t know when
So I made up my mind, it must come to an end
Look at me now, will I ever learn?
I don’t know how but I suddenly lose control
There’s the Pinkies at Victoria!
Just one ear and you can hear us sing.
One more ear and you forget everything, w-o-o-o-o
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Did the lights go out all over Broadway? No, but the power failed at Catch 22 in Haringey.


Thanks to Hsien for already doing a write up of Catch 22 in his Pink Bits.
Thanks to Naomi and Gareth, and the other ‘Pinkies’ who turned out to cheer us on
Praise for Chris in the (Bass Section) who learnt the words, music and movement to our Motown Medley within a week.
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