Winter Concert: Amour and More


A special dash of ooh-la-la
All you need for a magical night out is three ingredients: dazzling singing, a supportive audience and a special dash of ooh-la-la. Apologies to our French guests for that dreadful reference, but their presence really made Amour And More, our winter concert one of the most memorable ever!
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A Little Of What You Fancy


Something Fishy or a Diva from the Deep Sea?
16th June 2007 saw the advent of our Summer concert at the RAM.
It started off with the Deep C Divas, the lesbian acappella group from Yorkshire. Deep C Divas was formed in 1999 and had performed at Parisian bandstands and the Sydney Opera House. Their repertoire includes everything from traditional folk songs to Chaka Khan (mystical, new age-y?). The set was supposed to be the combination of personal and political, serious and silly, funky and feminist, romantic and raunchy – good lines for a dating website profile! They performed six songs which were Falling, Simple Love, Only One Way, When I Held Your Hand, I Hope and My Girl. Continue reading “A Little Of What You Fancy”

Summer Concert 2006: Brahms To Broadway


The pressure was on for a Pinkies-only performance on a hot, sticky June evening: no other choirs to take the strain, more than twenty songs to perform and movements to remember too! It was my first Duke’s Hall event – would the grandeur of chandeliers and gilt-framed portraits be all too much? And would it be fair to a discerning audience to wear my concert dress with such scarily untanned legs?
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