Pinkie spotlight – Deni


My name is Deni.
My section is 2nd Alto.
I joined the Pink Singers in Winter 2006.
I joined the Pink Singers because my life changed quite a bit and it prompted me to put into action some things I had been delaying. Primarily, doing more music! I joined initially to improve my vocal range, to improve my sight-reading and hang out with similar people – very sensible plans at the time. I even thought I might make some new gay friends male or female.
My favourite thing about being a Pinkie is the people and then the singing, very few things better than singing, only the very important things! I love the Pinkies, I love singing, especially when we sing certain songs like Love Song for a Vampire it makes all the hairs on your arms stand up. Sometimes I hate it when I don’t know the words, however don’t tell our lead conductor Mladen! Mladen has this gentle way of telling you off and making you feel like you are 3 years old but then gives you this cute little smile that makes you want to do so much better. When he praises you, you feel all shiny. Michael bless him, who also conducts us, does something similar.
Sorry to be obvious but the Pinkies are like a family. A real mixed bag of people, everyone is amusing in so many different ways. The altos are of course my favourite! We altos always have the most challenging pieces; I think it is punishment because we are rather cheeky. It is of course fab to be with such an attractive bunch of gals in the choir, oh and yes of course guys too. x
If you can’t make it to a Sunday rehearsal you really feel like something is missing. You also sometimes might miss going to the public house nearby for a non-alcoholic drink – hmm!
When I’m not rehearsing you can find me… When I am not rehearsing, I am typically singing. I might be doing a little gig/open mic, often a little merry with friends doing a karaoke. Always sing in the shower even. Frequently you can find me dancing, you can’t beat a good boogie.
The song that I would most like us to perform is… Very difficult to choose – I have wide ranging tastes. I can, so I will, suggest a few: Love Cats by The Cure, Summer Night’s City by Abba, Black Coffee the Nina Simone version, Shake That Funky Music White Boy or 1, 2, 3, Shake Your Body Down (don’t know who by). Think it would be great if we did a Doris Day, Judy Collins, or even Stevie Wonder mix. Maybe some Maroon 5 or Mika!
The song in our repertoire which should be laid to rest is Midnight’s Bell or Angels should be strangled. Plus we should kill anything with too much complicated choreography, that always makes me frown, much to my Pink friends amusement!

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