Crafty chicks – fundraising party

Alto Fundraiser 2010
I know we are now officially on break, except for Pride, but I wanted to update you (remind perhaps) of the alto-sections fundraiser coming up in a few weeks. It will be a fabulous opportunity to catch up with everyone and get some Pinkie love even during break.
Yes, our section has some hidden talent. (Tom is our honorary alto for that evening).
We will be running short workshops including knitting, drumming, cupcake-decorating, the cha cha cha, crocheting, photoshop and tap-dance. I’ll leave you to guess who is running which workshop.
To finish the evening off with a bang there will also be a quiz for those less keen on learning to tap-dance.

Come straight from work, on Friday the 9th of July, this evening is going to be fabulous.
Two Brewers
114 Clapham High Street
£3 entrySee you there!
PS. To make a great tap you’ll need shoes with hard soles. Trainers just don’t make any sound.

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