In a country where the grape is grown

Greek flag courtesy of think0 on deviantART

Ah Greece! Land of Achilles and Patroclus, of Hercules and Abderus, and the backdrop for Shirley Valentine. So pour the ouzo, play the bouzouki and celebrate Pride through the ages with us.
The Pinkies are honoured to be the guests of Athens Gay Pride this year and will be singing in the streets of Athens and on the main Pride stage on the weekend of 3–4 June. A small but ultra–excited contingent will represent the choir in a country we’ve saved till now to visit. Despite the mecca of Mykonos, gay life in Greece can be pretty quiet, so if you fancy an impromptu city trip for a bit of fun and culture, and want to show the Athenians your support, come along!
We will have an intimate performance in Syntagma square — in front of the Greek Parliament — on the Friday night, followed by the main concert on stage the next day, ending up with a march in the evening, where a float has been arranged for us! So get ready for Hera’s crazy moves, a jazzy twist from Apollo and Artemis, a phalanx of amazing amazons and, of course, the harmonious songs from your Pinkiest of sirens!

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